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Spoken like a true Nintendo hater why don't you just go and fuck yourself

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Your mother should have never bothered to have you

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Sorry to disappoint you but Nintendo is not going anywhere

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That's right everyone buy PlayStation where you get the experience of playing a bunch of games you have already played

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To all the idiots on here that clearly want the gaming consoles to be triplets get over it because Nintendo doesn't care what you want you want a powerful console with a standard controller then go play your fucking PlayStation or Xbox and for everyone that's talking about the Wii u being a failure yeah sure it's not selling a shit ton but Nintendo is making profit off of it and that's what matters to Nintendo me personally I give it up to Nintendo 11 million just off their ga...

2714d ago 6 agree2 disagreeView comment can it be virtual reality satoru iwata and kimishima said it's something completely new and has not been done before virtual reality is not new and has been done before

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When are people going to realize Zelda is not going to be on both systems they have already said that this is the most expensive game they have ever made and it was built on the Wii u they also said the NX is completely new starting from zero so obviously it will be completely different from the Wii u so they can't just port it over

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I don't see vita happening because Sony abandoned the vita and all the 2016 square games coming to the 3ds I think square is done with Sony handhelds and going back to Nintendo

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Actually not always have because the games and fans started on the SNES

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Oh look people still butt hurt because Nintendo saved Bayonetta maybe you guys should be pissed off at Sony and Microsoft for not wanting to take a risk

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I couldn't find a retail copy so I just downloaded it and I haven't been able to stop playing it those critics are idiots the game is cool and fun as hell I'm even enjoying the campaign which is not as bad as they want you to believe after playing it I'll take Devils Third over Call of Duty anyday

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Uh the Wii had plenty of third-party support from Ubisoft EA Capcom Activision and others

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Wait a minute so just because Cloud made an appearance in kingdom hearts he's a kingdom hearts character now idiot

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Yeah ok I love how everyone says Nintendo had a bad year just because of animal crossing amiibo festival and Mario tennis Kirby and the rainbow curse was actually a solid game if you actually go on miiverse you will see that Mario party10 did not leave a sour taste in people's mouths splatoon beat every major shooter for shooter of the year and beat Xbox live and PlayStation network for best multiplayer of the year Mario maker has more replay value than any other game released this year x...

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Guess you didn't play Mario maker

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Yeah power is everything sure GameCube was more powerful than PS 2 and almost on par with Xbox it had a standard controller and yes it did use mini discs but it had plenty of third-party support got the same games Xbox and PlayStation got minus exclusives yet until the Wii u was Nintendo's worst selling console yeah the power is not an issue except in the eyes of so called hardcore gamers

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Anyone considered that this could be an idea for a separate controller to sell to use with their smartphone games and not the NX

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Guest characters it's mainly first party characters there will only be 5 guest characters

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I wanted king k rool more than any other characters they should have put him in instead of another fire emblem character

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Only problem I have with this game is the controls are nowhere near as tight as F Zero it's too much like Wipeout

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