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would be nice if they specified europe. still too expensive in north america

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meh this series has become about as generic as call of duty. halo 1 2 and 3 were fun and unique. halo is just bland and boring at this point

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ill lol hard when the resolution doesnt change

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link is and should always stay a silent protagonist. pairing him with an actual voice just doesn't seem right

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there are 2 great sonic formulas. the 2d classic like the originals and the 3d classic of sonic adventure 2.

if they mimic those formulas then there will be great sonic games.

sonic colors, sonic werewolf, the black knight, sonic boom, and all the other spinoffs need to die.

learn from nintendo...2d/3d mario games are still done with excellence

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this rumor could be why their stock just dropped 11%

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if he's done with metal gear then so am I.


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cliff is moron. wait until there are mobile mario titles being offered. people will go nuts.

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no. dont ever get a gamestop credit card. probably the highest APR i have ever seen

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they open the game but they say that it is new because it hasnt been played. yet once you remove the shrink wrap from a new game you buy...it is considered used if you try to return it and is immediately worth less.

i have even seen them try to sell "new" games without the original case art and manual.

either way it doesn't matter because the company is destined to fail after this gen unless it makes drastic changes

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it's pretty simple. the japanese are more into handhelds than home consoles. they've sold more ps vita's than ps4's there and the 3ds has sold extremely well

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they can. its called exploiting women

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its been almost 15 years since the last good banjo game came out. idk why but it seems a little ridiculous not to make a new banjo platformer/adventure game

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ps3 version clearly looks the best. PC has rather blurry textures

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you dont play it. it plays itself and gets really annoying. all they had to do was just polish FFX blitzball and it would have been amazing

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WHAT 9000!?

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I agree. no OST no purchase.

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complete waste of time. nothing left available online and nothing in the stores by me. good luck people

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@everyone except jalva

youre all feeding the troll...

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damn was hoping for an OST with the collectors edition. the arm looks cool but it will just collect dust

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