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The 2 games are developed by 2 different developers and runs on 2 different engine so no surprise there. Be grateful that MS is still supporting an almost 10 year old system with games still. But It is time to jump ahead and get the xb1 if you guys really want the full Horizon 2 experience.

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There is nothing wrong with what MC said. Sony did advertised that statement and they failed to delivered critically what was advertised so the ridicule is justify unlike when Turn 10 said that Forza 4 is better than GT5 in which Forza 4 did score higher than GT5 and they backed it up. See the difference?

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After seeing some the comments is bad enough that most just read the headline and not the article but that is clearly not the case here as some just see a word like "Parity" in the title and automatically assumed it is hardware performance related.

The Indie parity clause is to ensure indie titles are release the same day as other consoles and not Assassin's Creed Unity related. Unless someone can proof otherwise, MS don't and never have a performa...

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Master Chief..which side are you on!? 😧 can't believed you just said that.

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What the heck did I just read? Dynamic weather lol...he either got a limited edition with weather on it or he bought Marty Mcfly's car in an auction. There is a reason why only certain legit sites get rated on Metacritics because of fanboy sites that you and I can blog about like this do exist.

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@Oreo cookie

I have no idea what you arw talking about as my concern is a legit one since a)the game director said it is a server issue b)Sony is indeed charging for psn subscription. I dont know how that constitute as a jab? Same with the rest of my other few posts on a Sony page.

I feel like I am wrongfully accused like John Coffey, played with great effect by rhe late and great Michael Clarke Duncan, in the Green Mile. 😞

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Wow...not good news for the many that are looking to test out the free version. I thought since PSN is now a pay service..why can't Sony use some of that money and improve and buy more servers? Scratching my head on that one.

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Because he talk sense and don't constantly worship a certain brand like many here with 6+ bubbles do.

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Give me a break..they had almost an entire extra year to finish the game and the result is they still released a 1/2 finished game at full retail price and expect gamers to wait longer to get a better product while the competitions released similar products that are complete in less time frame?

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Wow..this review came from Jeff Gerstmann, who is one of the better and most respected reviewers in the industry. That score drives the overall metacritics score down to a 72 now. Really unexpected..I thought at least a high 70s to low 80s.

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Wow..really. A 40/100? The last game I could remember getting a score like this from Giantbomb wad Thief 3 released earlier this year.

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Dang..this amazing review took forever to get the necessary approval.

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FYI..I am a primary PC gamer and I'Ve been playing MMO before it was a even a genre on consoles so please..that is like saying you love sci-fi movies but have to sit through and torture yourself of watching Battlefield Earth from start to finish. 😬

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60fps is more important and I suspect that having dual buffer to run 2 engines at the same is either 60fps and the current resolution or 30fps and full 1080p. If that is the case..glad they picked 60fps. Love how the haters are out in full force again pertaining to xb1 and resolution..😏

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One of the copy you saw was probably mone. Traded in my copy after a week. Very disapointed.

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"Just another run of the mill driving game"

You could transform your Mech into cars like transformers in Titanfall and race..of course he was talking about Titanfall. 😮😏

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Is this a trick question? Forza Horizon metacritics score in metacritics of 86 with 33 90 plus scores with only 2 scores 70 and below and driveclub current is at 74 with 3 90 plus scores and 13 scores 70 and below. I'll let you guys figure that out.

But having said that..this article is unnecessary and only will cause more hatred on both side. Just let xb1 players enjoy their exclusive and let ps4 players to enjoy theirs. This is just flame bait.

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There are better guys just need to look. Recent launch games like Shadow of Mordor, FH2, and NBA 2k15 have great reviews. Like any media on the entertainment industry from movies to videogame ...there is always gonna be duds and some great surprises. There are still tons of games left for 2014 and I suspect we will see some more steller ones.

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If exclusive games like Infamous ss, driveclub, the orders 1866, bloodborne can't even sniff 1080p and 60fps, how in the world can a third party game with an engine built specifically for multiplatform like Assassin's creed Unity with so many more AIs and bigger environment to calculate that is gonna taxed the hardware gonna do that? These people literally think the PS4 is comparable to a high end PC. Smh

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Isn't NFS that came out last year at launch the only other racer available on PS4 so far?

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