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For everyone unsure of PS4, here is the FCC documents, putting the PS4 at 2.75 GHz max clock speed.

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The fact is not that the extra week will change day 1 sales, as all launch consoles are locked up by filling pre-orders.

Sony is clearly allocated more consoles for launch, so even if they were a week back, they would be leading.

Where Sony having a week advantage plays key is the fact that they have 2 weeks to restock stores for black friday, not to mention having that cheaper price tag. Microsoft only has 5 days to get stores stocked for black friday shopp...

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Played the Game at the GameStop EXPO and was sadly disappointed. This was one of my top X1 games, and something about it just bothered me. It by no means looked up to par with the E3 demo, let alone didnt really look visually stunning at all. Not to mention the controls felt clunky and slow.
Forza is now the top X1 exclusive in my eyes

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why do these get approved.... please pull down for the love of god

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I'm actually very excited for this game. A solid game like this is nice to step away from the many FPS games at launch.

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I see where you come from, but if you say Gears still has life, then Sony has Killzone with new life, God of War is inevitably coming not to mention Infamous second son.

Quantum break looks neat, but we havent seen any gameplay, and sunset overdrive well.... ill leave that alone until we see more.

Basically go back and look at the number of exclusives that Sony released from 2012 till now vs Xbox. Its shocking really.

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Now I do see your point, and respect your opinion. But what trump cards do Microsoft have left?

Ok Halo for sure, but what truly is standing out for Microsoft, especially at launch?

Titanfall is looking awesome, but will this remain exclusive, I highly doubt it.

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obviosuly the top selling games will be highest on both consoles, but what Im stating is how someone who buys cod on ps3 will still buy heavy rain, then go buy Guacamelee.

I am not calling anyone out on here, as coming to a gaming site can mean you are more interested in games than the norm, but trust me, my years in the industry can show the type of people on each platform.

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This is the distinct difference in Stereotypes of gamers on Xbox vs playstation.

Xbox Gamers play COD, NBA, Gears, Halo ect. They want AAA boom shoot them up or sports games, and buy maybe 5-6 games a year.

PS gamers are more well rounded, strive for new IP's, love variety, and try anything, whether they are indie or AAA. Just because it is X number of indie reveals today, doesnt mean they are that many game reveals! Look at Journey, that was game of the...

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If they are new IPs I will be very happy, but another rehash will just run me dry, im getting tired of FPS and sports games on Xbox... and god do not let half of these be stupid kinect games

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well if your logic about the GS promotion was true, then these things will be late november as COD is on that list...

It just means that people that do not get a next gen console on day one, but maybe for christmas ect. can still play these games until they get a console, then can upgrade for cheap.

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This does not confirm a damn thing, they just may not ship the nex-gen versions of the game until november

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lol we shall see once Sony give their presentation.... cause nothing wayyy to crazy yet from anyone

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^^ After you purchase a seperate battery pack

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My biggest gripe when I held the X1 controller was the resistance and kick back of the triggers. It felt way too light, and it needed a better bounceback. Did you experience this too?

But yeah the Dualshock is remarkable

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Oct. 21 or 29th

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1pm est

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We shall see what it is, but honestly this should be done. Remember PS4 people with plus get Drive Club for free.

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I couldnt agree more.... Launch purchasers are gamers through and through, and are interested in Hardcore gaming, not jumping around on a camera, or plugging a cable box (which you pay your provider for) into your Xbox, which you pay for Xbox Live, plus you pay for your TV service.... Im sorry, I'll stick to the games.

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People should really look into everything that GameStop owns, and doesnt make known that they own. Check the stock of the company as well, they aint goin anywhere.

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