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It should

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Is very true

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I'm sorry to break hearts, but reps dont know the final answers. They are told to sell the products. Talk to the vendors, they know;)

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^^ Exactly why its a great addition to owning a console. You get the best of both worlds.

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No: in the instance of the question being "INSTEAD". It should not replace but rather be an addition.

A PC is a great addition to owning a console,or owning a console is a great addition to owning a PC, not to mention everyone needs a PC for other functions as well.

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Great point. Killzone has been easily the best looking game I have played thus far. BF4 does look great too however.

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For Gods sake what is up with N4G today? NFS has had placeholder dates up for quite some time. Dates changing are just so that everything is lined up properly now. Both versions will release on 11/22, no delay.

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People!*********************** ******

If the store you go to does not sell you the game, tell them to check their "News and announcements" page, and that it is not street dated and can be sold upon arrival.

N4G this is not news, pull down and report. It is false information. Polygon has proven this.

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Here is the link BTW, please pull down the story. If you read the aritcle, GameStop has officially said they are for sale.

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This is wrongggggggggg people! I have picked mine up this morning at my store. Some stores just have not received their shipments for the day yet.

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Its truly a matter of what will be shelved. If Sony cut other regions like MS and focused on North America, and lets say they bring 1 million more PS4's to NA, then PS4 preorders would be that much more high. The numbers will come out in about a month, and everyone will see, in North America there is a clear winner by a decent margin, and worldwide will be substantial.

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A nice article, and well said opinions, but I'm sorry to respectfully tell you that this is not happening. It may win in a particular region, however looking at worldwide sales, this won't even be remotely close unfortunately for Nintendo. I wish I could elaborate, but these console launches are about to be massive... Yes I said both, as both wouldve beaten the previous record. As for who will sell more head to head this holiday, I think most peoples current assumptions will hold trut...

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EA may not make an official public announcement with such information as it could hinder other partnerships, they may have officially told Sony, but no one else until the game itself becomes public.

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Not having to pay 100$ for wifi? or extraneous prices for another upgraded HDD? See we can all point fingers in a million directions, and what does it solve? Nothing.

The point being, competition drives technology forward, regardless of who has it first.

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Yes this is a feature that is a whole generation behind if you put it like that, but is this a feature indicative to playing quality games? No its not, I see your point, but is this necessary? If this article compared "new" features between consoles then sure, but this does not mention Xbox at all.

Cause we all know we can point fingers at any console that had missing features... I sure know I loved that my console came with certain things right out of the box that ...

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This is great news, and convenient to people that want to use it. The fact that it goes across the Vita as well is very cool.

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Where we can look is history. Look at the last 3 years on both PS and Xbox platforms. Look who had more games, more variety of games, and more original IPs.

There is nothing wrong with another Gears of War and a Halo, but this runs dry to many people. That is why the stereotype of Xbox gamers being people that buy COD, NBA, halo, and gears and thats about it is even a thought.

In the long haul Sony has some of the best studios out there, and seeing what ND an...

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I agree, The functionality is great, but I do not like the Ui for some reason. It just seems to have too much on screen at once, but who knows. Will have to get hands on to judge.

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@egg you are very right however.... its a very awkward stare

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Its Crytek, they have an X1 exclusive launching on the platform, what else would they say?

Ill stick to the masses of devs, both indie and AAA, multiplatform or exclusive commending the architecture of the PS4 for now.

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