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Been playing since H1 and consider myself a beginner I get distracted so easily but it is funny laughing at the serious players crying it up.

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Great stuff I wonder if any of these reviews will make the main page news some how I doubt it ha ha , going to be even more amazing when they get the full dx12 benefit for F7.

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I enjoyed I was getting it regardless still have not traded a game or got a 2nd hand one day one edition here .

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Great game highly recommend nice review.

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Only six days to go before it releases here stay clean on track .

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Yeah even I am keen for this no magic or mythical beasts sound refreshing, the fact they played some Chivalry and War of the roses gives me some confidence in this game.

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Nice read I certainly don't think they will be content and will push further on the next game they on a car quest lol.

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I think that will be the next thing they tackle tbh maybe we will see 60 fps in horizon who knows.

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A long time fan happy to see some deserved praise for these guys 10 years has flown by I get the same joy playing these games as I did all those years ago.

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Would have also got the console but can bring myself to buy another xboxone just for that , the game will bring me enough joy ha ha.

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Yeah it is tempting but with the new bub I would fall asleep at the wheel ha ha, I will just wait for the physical release.

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Score does not mean much to me as I played the demo have played every game since the original box it will have all my attention but congrats none the less Turn 10 , not available here for me until the 15 have the next day off work.

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Just means I don't buy on release day will wait for bargain bin for non multiplayer games certainly save some cash , usually buy if I am interested in the multi I just play it more than single player love me some co op .

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One of the best mods I have ever played servers infested with people in 747 jets, motor bikes, any vehicles you can just spawn it in and away you go most laughter I have had in a mod updating now you can turbo boats so fast they take off and you fly them around.

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As long as I enjoy it I will be happy not really bothered how MS does out of it my entertainment is my only concern , will have to tear me off F6 though chiefy.

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Checked out some game play vids this looks pretty good not sure about the toy gear but may give it a crack some day.

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Just managed to start it had it on win 7 comparability and switched it back to 10 also changed admin not sure what worked as I had tried these before.

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My version stopped working lol even after reinstall so annoying but not uncommon from what I have read on the forums.

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Just like the new movie again ha ha Mad Charleze .

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Looks great my most anticipated game looks like everyone is getting excited even the haters great stuff.

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