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A bit of MS change down the back of the couch was sad when the Dream cast died was happy the xbox lived.

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Nice I usually go the Lancers but buy every Japanese car except Honda not much of a fan ha nice pix i checked some out in ur other comments. The Tommi Makinen action loved that 90s rally era.

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Looking forward to getting my Japanese cars all unlocked maybe some 80s Volvo turbo action ahh still a few more days wait for me.

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Be playing Halo ,Forza, Gears and Star wars this game does not even rate for me unless its free then I will have a go.

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No Inner Space games in the works cmon devs think lol.

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That is why I prefer N4G for its unbiased level headed attitude towards gaming.

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I am friggin hot man , as a former singer in a metal band I see old friends and tell them I have become a nerd as metal got boring ha ha .

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Never heard of the guy must be an American thing.

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Waiting till Tuesday for my copy will be a blast.

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True but I guess he and Samuel really stood out as terrible , THX was no where near as bad.

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Wow very impressive I know I will be awful at it but that's cool.

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Sweet for a minute there I thought it was another side scrolling game , the old commodore 64 certainly had them in abundance to this day i have trouble trying to play them Cuphead sure is taunting me though keen to hear more about this.

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TBH I will just be happy to get it if its a the next day so be it once again I will be fodder.

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Not going to lie got a bit of bundle envy here have a box don't need another but very nice.

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Guess it will get cheap quick nice.

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Like the look of this will get it at some stage.

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For me it is Gears,Forza and Halo part of my complete gaming breakfast.

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Not really I have seen his performance in Star wars he read the lines like a dead man waiting for a train to pay day.

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No respect from me been playing since pinball 70s arcade. Show some intestinal fortitude wow not everyone likes the same stuff Dudes.

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Congrats MS and a very happy birthday love ur work see you on Forza my Japanese gaming bros I love your cars just not your consoles .

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