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Was at work missed it again lol one of these days I will sign in and nothing will happen.

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Wow lol I just cut my list down to 19 easier to manage for me , on 360 I was a hell of a lot more social I think some typing only pc games have made me not really chat as much.

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Sweet I don't really talk much online as we all play different things been in two parties since xb1 came out lol , could not imagine trying to get a word in with 12 people ha ha..

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Only xbox game I am not getting maybe when its $5 I will take a look.

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80s German porn was where its at lol remasters incoming.

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Lol drivers face at 1.33 sec certainly makes me want it more cheers.

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Just getting Halo 5 and Star wars pc and I am done until Quantum break as F6 is still fresh.

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Well I know what I will be playing for a very long time , MS is bringing the goods.

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Wow loving that action warzone is going to spawn a lot of clone games and that's not a bad thing.

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Well that was sweet been getting some great games lately on MCC big team battle its been a blast .

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Yeah I agree I need to be more creative , oh look a dragon.

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Must admit the Sony set looks more ergonomic , but I will wait for the clear image on pc and maybe will try it in a few years when my neck can handle a high rez light weight device .

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Whats that in the distance a freakin dragon at this point its like fps has bullets fantasy has dragons lol some of these devs need to get a little more creative ... I know a two headed dragon wow. Will give it a go though as some turn based games are not too shaby.

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I only have one controller so not an issue for me I can put in MCC and play all of those split screen if I ever invest in another , just keen to play the new game rather than unleash my black belt in whingejitsu I will play it and enjoy .

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Good for her the mind is a weird bit of kit some people still go on about gods in 2015 its their prerogative , who am I to judge just another person doing a job as far as I am concerned. As a 70s kid I remember people being awful and staring at people with disabilities which thankfully now has changed. Hopefully this sort of thing wont have to mentioned in the future or be a novelty just accepted.

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Hopefully the co op modes are more engaging never liked bayonetta was open minded till I heard dragons are involved lol, fantasy game quick dust off the dragon almanac.

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I still have not finished the last game so this should be very cheap by the time I get around to it.

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The only xboxone exclusive coming that I am not too keen on so far.

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Game is tough with no assists I may have to start putting on STM and TRC as a veteran of every Forza game I like picking an under-powered car to win that is not working out for me this game lol . Drivatar system is getting more impressive wanted to fly through the game on easy to get online with nice cars, but its making me work for it unlike just grinding in previous games through the content there is a fight.

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No I have owned it for a while put it on to getting running smooth on pc its on my get around to it list .

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