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Have no problem with them if its just shortcuts for the lazy to get more powerful.

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Needs some Stubb, Uncle Acid and Gary Clark Jnr guitar action in the game, my old ear no longer likes massive turkey gobble guitar solo action at 1,000 miles an hour .

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Really enjoyed it did not do all the side quests but was a pleasure may go back and tie up the loose ends one of these days co op was a blast, similar to PVZ it is fun as hell.

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I like the idea but not the execution but thanks I will go play Halo , and I will comment as much as I like no internet gods will stop me.

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Starts at about 6pm here in Australia loaded up ready to go.

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I liked the movies when they first came out but It does not do anything for me now nostalgia meh.

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Sure like I trust N4G ha ha will not click, probly locks your screen on some sony buy a ps4 ad lol.

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Ha ha ha well will be playing on pc 60fps 1080p may buy the xb1 version as well , but when i switch to xb1 on bf4 multi it looks very average.

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Nice I like F3 co op but found FC2 just better for me did not get the last game , if this has co op I am in if not well bargain bin.

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This game did look nice I skipped the witcher 3 due to not finishing one and two yet lol great series need more arms to finish my game shame , but I may get this at launch to not finish and add to my pile ha ha.

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Currently on sale on steam for $20 may get it in the morning.

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Another game series in my shame list I try to like it just no joy for me so after about an hour I packed it in.

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Never seen so many xbox owners on n4g wow its great to see all these concerned ultra fans come out , I did not know ps4 games all offer 4 player split screen shout it from the roof tops 60 fps 1080p.

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Skipped the last game but this looks great four player online co op hunting sweet.

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I don't mind 10 only thing I don't like is how it has you signed in to edge which I am sure I can disable it, use Chrome anyway .

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Got a MGS game for free on xboxone not sure what it is have not downloaded dont think I will get around to it though.

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Great game if I only had more time Halo coming as well sheessh.

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Never played an Uncharted game so its hard to compare it to Tomb raider video I have seen must say raider seems less like a cheese burger.

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Same as normal sport these days I see an athlete and just think oh a straight up jukie lol, all the 60s and 70s Olympics where full of it most likely earlier secret cold war programs. Would like to see augmented Olympics anything goes roid up hearts exploding in the 100 meter dash ha ha would make for some funny gaming as well. Disclaimer am very high.

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