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penis just cried tears of joy.

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Yeah....... no

I only state this because In the press release for this game It states (Paraphrasing) "Sonic generations will collect the best of Sonic's 2d and 3D(Fail) levels."

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Duh, He's an O.G

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lol I'm pretty sure he posted In the wrong article............. I think

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But what the hell This game will rock either way.

P.S Just because It's not open world doesn't mean there Isn't a very large areas you can't explore.

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The reason he states that you are renting them IS If you choose not to subscribe to ps+ again after you're subscription Is over Then you lose all the games you've downloaded (Unless you buy them with a discount)(Sounds like renting, eh?).

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Yeah he clearly did It for hit's, There's a method to his retardation

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next debate diamond vs shit

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Oh hiphop gamer please stop

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woot I'll be tuning In everyday to catch a glimpse of awesome

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I don't know If prototype Is copying from Infamous, But I know that Infamous will always cast a shadow on this game Simply because both came out at the same time and now one IP completely exceeded expectations while the other was well..................... meh.

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Man, The guy playing sucks ass.

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Who do i have to kill to be in the beta?

Do I have to kill the person reading this comment? Because I will

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Clearly there will be a collectors Edition, This article Is a little silly IMO.

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lol oh noooooooooeeeeeeeeeessssssssss ssss

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Just update the damn game LOL

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I have a question for someone who's played this game. Is It any good?

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No one gave a damn about you're opinion the first time. LOL XD

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Damn I think I'll love this game, But Infamous just looks Incomparable.

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