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so cute, cant wait!

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read this article, so i don't care,


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y do u guys hate ps3 so much? i'm a sonyfan and i don't hate the xbox 360. i don't know y u guys keep saying that ps3 will fail, it's not even out yet "(11-17-06) can u guys read".
i own a 360 and i will get a ps3, and i cant wait for GOW and Resistence, those are the best game out there right now, y hate ps3 or 360, both are great who's better? i'll keep it in my mouth because if i say it i know everybody will be desagree with me.

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i don't know about u guys, but ps3 looks better than 360, but 360 controller looks better than ps3 controller and it's better than ps3 controller.

ps3 is so cute!

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cant wait!

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i have to wait til ps3 comes out, then i'll tell u who's better.

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if i say i hate sony i'm lying because i'm the biggest fan, but if say i love ps3 and i hate 360 so much, then u look at my avatar,and u gonna be like "what the [email protected]$# is he talking about"

i love ps3.
i like 360.

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i own a 360 and i cant wait for the ps3.
i don't know what the [email protected]# sony is doing, but i know that ps3 will be back again and it'll be in my room next to his brother (360) and next to his father (pc). i remember when ps2 came out, i thought ps2 was a piace of [email protected]# and look at it now it's the king, i think ps3 will do the samething.


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u make 360 so perfect that u see it flying in ur room. mine, doesn't fly.
wonder y

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look at u, u look like an old man who's trying to talk but he can't.

go and [email protected]# ur 360 (if u have one).

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MS want everything and sony, there happy with what they have right now.

jst like halo is best for xbox 360 since all systems have there games u dont see ps3 taking that from you huh..now leave mgs where it belongs on the ps3
life is not a blessing so take it back.

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360fans are so stupid that they believe everything MS says. They said that MGS4 is sucks and now look at them there so happy because MS says that MGS4 is coming on 360 ha! keep dreaming [email protected]#holes!

it'll never happen, just like HALO series, i want halo on ps3 but i'm just dreaming, that's y i bought a 360 cause HALO and GOW.

MS is just dreaming, what they want is more power to beat ps3 [email protected], and that's y they will end up like The ATHIANS's empire, they wanted more ...

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look at my avatar please.

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and i own a 360, so what it doesn't make me a loser, so kids stop fighting. I think GOW will be much better than HALO3. I'll chose GOW because is something that i know is big and i don't hate halo but HALO2 wasn't that good for me i think HALO1 was better than HALO2. I know Halo3 will be the same [email protected]#t, walking around, killing aliens all that [email protected]#t.

360 has two big games and that's good for M$.

But watch out ps3 is coming.

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I own a 360 and i like it and GOW is coming, cant wait! even though i'm a sonyfan, but people listen, sony will make MS eat all the [email protected]#t they said about ps3. Everthing this article says is right nothing is wrong, i know 360fans will be mad after read the article but it's the true, i know 360fans will come up with something stupid like "this is fake"

if u didn't understand go back and read it, it says everything i wanted to hear.

11/17 is coming and MS...

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all they do is "bla bla bla", that's it

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now they heard that MS are going to switch to Blu-ray if necessary and there saying ps3 failed and blu-ray will fail too, i don't get'em. ok can u guys tell me why NINTENDO and M$ signed up for cell. i think they wanna be like sony. I remember when 360fans said "360 don't need a blu-ray, it'll fail, HD-DVD is better" i bet u if MS say "blu-ray for 360" 360fans gonna be like "oh my god more space bla, bla, bla. At the end sony gonna win and 360 will end up just like xb...

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The ps3 gonna be great and the 360 is great too, but when u say "right now the 360 has the PS beat in my eyes example COD3" that's ur own opinion and i understand and i'm not gonna say something stupid about u just because u think 360 gonna be better than ps3 and i think ps3 is gonna be better than 360. I think we gotta wait and see happen because both of this console are great. " I feel u".

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i really like this video
(my opinion)

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