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The best thing they've done in years is a trio of collections of some of their retro titles, so you tell me. For what it's worth, those are excellent collections, terms of new stuff? I'm drawing a blank.

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TBH, I think Nintendo had their work cut out for them when porting a game that was really designed to be played on the Wii, through and through, and making it work with the various control options on the Switch. It wasn’t made with a handheld in mind, so I think using the touchscreen was the best compromise, even though it isn’t the best way to play.

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I'm glad Hitman is still around. I've been a fan since his PS2 outings.

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Remember when Xbox fans praised MS for securing exclusive content for multiplats on their platform? I sure do. Now that Sony's doing it, apparently they're the bad guys.

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Ugh, these deals always seem to be US only. Oh well, I guess it's a first world problem anyways, since I already have plenty of games. I'll just have to wait until I can get more in sales that are available to me.

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Wow, that's impressive.

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Hype will do that. It's considerably more difficult to sell sequels when a game doesn't meet expectations though, so best of luck to CDPR.

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Who isn't writing like a petulant child in this industry? I somehow doubt most people who seem to hold paid jobs in games journalism have taken even so much as the most basic, 100 level English course available. If you like professionally written articles, I don't think I'd recommend opinion pieces on N4G.

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OoT is just an all-time classic. I still occasionally hum Saria's theme without realizing I'm doing it. I almost considered learning to play the marimba after seeing a YouTube vid of three guys covering the Gerudo Valley theme with that heavenly instrument.

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Delayed games aren't necessarily always eventually good. In fact, games that come out of development hell often struggle to live up to the hype. There's such a thing as too much time in the oven, and it can often lead to more hurdles a game needs to overcome. That said, slightly delaying a game has generally proven to be quite helpful, and the end product does tend to be better, so I will give that to Miyamoto.

Also, this is Nintendo we are talking about. I'...

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Yeah, when games shipped with bugs in the past, those bugs stayed in the game for the rest of time. So, I'm glad that patches and updates can fix problems spotted in games after release.

What I'm less thrilled about is that it's a double-edged sword, as so many devs are now using that as an excuse to reduce the amount of time spent on bug testing so they can rush their product out ASAP. They're turning what is an excellent tool, into a crutch.

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I'm getting flashbacks of 2013's DRM fiasco. They retracted that after backlash too, but in both cases, I don't get the sense that they did it out of any sense of guilt or wanting to deliver the best, most consumer-friendly product possible. I always get a "sorry you didn't like our idea, sns" vibe. It's pretty obvious they only react to backlash because it would be far more costly for them not to. So, good on the consumer. Clearly, if we want a better Xbox ...

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So many people are dying these days. It seems I'm constantly hearing of someone talented passing. :(

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The XSX only actually has “the power” on paper too. It has higher specs, but that somehow hasn’t turned into better looking games, so it must be poorly optimized compared to the PS5.

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It's certainly creative. The premise of a dolphin who needs to travel back in time to gain super powers in order to defeat an alien that captured its pod is definitely unique. If only the gameplay didn't contain its share of frustrations. I managed to get through both it and its sequel, but it wasn't easy.

Save states helped, a lot, and I virtually never use save states when I play retro games. Of course, as these games aren't about limited continues, ...

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It's not, but many of those kids are likely confined to a hospital bed, and there aren't a ton of activities that can be enjoyed in that environment. Gaming also has that extra level of immersion that can really help provide a temporary escape, which I'm sure someone who never leaves their immediate environment especially needs.

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Hmmm...I might have actually found a game that's along the lines of what I'm thinking: https://store.steampowered....

Of course it's one of those TBA wishlist games. :(

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Oh, I hadn't thought about Klonoa. Yes, that would be nice.

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Yeah, I'd want another one even without the sequel-baiting. As it stands, I need to find out what happens next!

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And here I was thinking I was the only one who remembered this series. Yes!

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