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is it a jealous person comparing deadly premonition to this games perhaps? a fanboy who cant play this? in my opinion, this game is great, and many, many other people agree. i just wasted 1 minute of my life writing this.

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thats a logical thing.oh wait.....nerds

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so they can utilize the game to be soo much more.

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ill play mgs4, and why are the 360 owners coming here?

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better than heavy rain...right...

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heavenly sword 2

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better gameplay and graphics in my opinion. dont argue with facts! 72% MORE POLYGONS

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just look everywhere, everyone i know is looking forward to it. in my office everyone is buying a copy.

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if anyone has played uncharted 2 (hope u have ) when your team is whooping arse you get a tank, (no you cant operate it) but it really rips through the enemy and is a good tactic. i think a tank would be cool, or perhaps a gat gun, like modern warfare 1. (not comparing them) when you can stand high on a platform and rip through the enemy. also destructable enviorments, and if you start a fire, it spreads...aka far cry 2.

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we need perks! well....more perks, like faster speed, or stronger weapons or a jetpack, that would be sick.

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looks siiiiiiiiik

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i might buy an xbox360 for this one game, or a super nintendo, but there hard to find.

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the ps3 has the game of the decade. literally look it up in its number 4. and its called metal gear solid 4. so if you want to talk about turning the tide...the tide was never needed to be turned, if this article is talking about sales sonys doing damn fine like 3 million behind. also uncharted 2 is the 2nd greatest game in my life. so peace to all gamers...ps3 owners or not, and if u dont want it, screw you.

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alan wake seems cool ima buy alan wake splinter cell conviction and reach this year, as well as god of war 3, gran turismo 5, heavy rain, agent and killzone 2 but ill wait till wake goes on sale, see if i can get it cheap.

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so people will realise how great the ps3 is, competition.

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in my opinion i seen the gameplay and its terrible.

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