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comedy gold in purest form lol.

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I'm taking this with a truckload of salt.If this rumor were to be true than holy shit ms.

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List 5 positve things on the gaming side of the xbox one....

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No interest in a blantly obvious uncharted ripoff.

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I know I shouldn't revel in someone losing a job...BUT THANK FUCKING GOD!
A entire generation of mass incompetence and constant pissing over fans comming to a end(why didn't this happen sooner o-e).
I look foward to seeing who the new CEO will be~

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Bout time,we've been in the dark so long for this title *-*

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Vita am ALIVEEEEE!Around 130k~more than i predicted C:
I'm curious to see what next week brings,anyways a well-earned pat on the back for infune and SCEJ.

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@GribbleGrunger I feel the same C:

I don't care for which console outsells which(really don't considering I own both lol),I only want the handhelds to pump out titles like soul sacrifice,mono's 3ds title,tearway,like the psp/ds were.
From the looks of it the handheld market is shriking,that saddens me and I hope both(well the 3ds is past that route in jap but meh)so that we all can continue handheld gaming.I hate for one to plummet because that would only ...

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Multi-plat with the ps3 however I expect it to do well in the portable front.
But still that alone isn't enough to keep it steady.
Only time will tell though,I really want the Vita to keep pushing out these numbers.

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Listen to him guys,no jumping the gun yet until we see a decent average.

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This Is great,SS should put the Vita at it's peak in quite sometime :D

However sadly there isn't anything over the horizon to keep it steady after SS :/

Still,this shows there is some hope left,now it's up to sony to spend the $$ to keep it going.

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Sorry,but I'm with logic on this one.
GT is one of sony's biggest system sellers and releasing it on the ps3(even as a dual release,unlikely since drive club has made it's bout) instead of the ps4 as exclusive is downright insane.
GT can move a vast number of ps4s' and a new IP like drive club doesn't have anywhere near that impact.
IF sony was smart they would leave the ps3 alone and focus on the ps4 mainly and the Vita.

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God we get games like killzone shadow fall,elemental,and deep down right out the gate.
But the amazing yet scary thing is ND and SSM haven't even taken the stage.
And this is available at launch...imagine what games could look like a few years from now o-o

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MGS Vita
Final fantasy X HD
Vita price cut/revision
(Some sort of megaton)


and wow sony is on a roll this week with hype.

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killzone looks to satisfy my shooter needs(hopefully they release some update to make it 6v6 or even 8v8 *-*)

I'd rather have more rpgs than another shooter,the Vita is a so desolate in that genre.

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Console warz 2 is around the corner.

Find your nearest popcorn stand now.

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Vita price cut+some megaton announcement


But seriously what i expect is mostly ps4 coverage and gaikai connectivity via Vita perhaps.

Anything more Vita related would be icing on the cake.

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Next Gen consoles really need to support these.

This has some potential.

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@trollsabove The "feel" of knowing the future...

On topic I'd love to see killer is dead on the Vita :D

Also didn't suda51 help with gravity rush?

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Let's just hope that it's on a console/handheld instead of some crappy Ios spin-off.

Interested to see what they will do with this.

Loved the game on the ps1.

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