Playing the new DBZ game!!!
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Watch, your going to hear later that m$ as bought bioware lol.

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There are not overpriced! Eso crowns, now that's over priced 😄

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Dosnt fortnight do the same though? Dont you have to buy the dance emoji?

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Never played AC rouge, and also Jedi Academy, cant wait to try these games out!

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Left analog stick always messes up, however there bumbers are the shitty's crap about the whole controller. There soo cheap, just taking out those bumbers might make them break. Soo cheap compared to there originals.

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Happy they got obsidian though, that dev studio is going to make a game of the year title on xbox devices for sure.

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Yea it's off to a good track..I am glad it got a huge backlash it did from the Kinect. Xbox would have never went in this Direction if it didnt.

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The thing is, the xbox division is not the same as it was when they bought rare. They have changed a lot... Xbox has a bright future if they continue to listen to there consumers, and provide a strong first party line up at least.

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That and game sharing 😁

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Rock star just announced the new patch notes. It says "players of the ps4 pro must get an xbox x for the best experience." 😁 jk

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San Francisco 😬

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This size is nothing compared to red dead 2. 88 GB

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I have been wanting this game soo bad on backwards compat!! Do it already xbox!

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Mmm sounds like he's implying that, when he says crackdown "needs more work" he's implying might get delayed. Who knows though.

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Look at the Sony ponys disagree with you! Honestly this should be wanted by every gamer. I would love to play overwatch against a ps4 user. Not pc though! There too good 😞

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Yup ms told besthdia to lie and make sony look like the bad guy lol. Dudes there's no prove to that. Your just assuming. I will love to see cross play, and maybe we will see it. However, only to the ps fanboys not all ps owners, I remember that when ms was pushing, and pushing for cross play. I remember what sony said. Remember what ps fanboys said as well, they didnt care, they dont want to play with xbox gamers, all that changed today it seemed 😒 all types fanboys are the worst!...

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No, if the internal battery dies you can order a new one and replace its simple. It's not forbidden to open up your controller, you know.

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Maybe the design aspect ?

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Sounds good to me lol.
However, i am not buying it for that reason but still way to sell your game ea lol

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