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...Why the caps? o_O

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I agree about the controls in DI. But pulling combos off was still fun. :P

I just don't think we should compare the two games.

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Here's a lesson to you. Ignore obvious troll and report.

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Damn that's pretty. ;_;

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Well written response to this article Darkride.

Again, there's this mentality of games having to sell five million day one to be great games. No, the gameplay isn't to be considered. The sales overtime isn't to be considered either.

The media loves playing sales these days.

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It also burns down homes. :3

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Rofl, that's funny!

Tell me another story! =D

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Man, it's a flopathon for the bots. =D

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Pretty sad huh? All the trash-talking, attacking, and verbal insults. And yet this so-called definitive racer didn't even make the top 20. But of course, let's all focus on Uncharted 2 and ignore the more obvious...

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Makes you wonder about other things doesn't it?

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No, you got it wrong man! A game has to sell five million in one day to be considered a success! That's the creed these days! It cannot sell overtime! Heaven forbid gamers are excited about it, that means they should be buying the game like crazy!

And Soda, Naughty Dog is first party. It's not coming over to the 360 so please dear, don't hurt your brain trying to dream up the impossible.

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Wow...that's crazy.

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Learn how to spell and kindly...if you will, shut up.

Yes, N4G is being flooded by PS3 fanboys. What about the 360 fanboys who were running up and down and claiming the PS3 has no games! It's just a bluray player! Sony's terrible! The PS3 sucks?

You don't know what you're talking about.

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I feel for you guys. Hopefully things improve for next year.

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I...I'm speechless.

Why someone would say this is beyond me. Who does this guy think he is to tell gamers what they're disappointed with from what they're not disappointed with?

I'm a gamer and I am NOT disappointed with the PS3.

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I never knew that. That's interesting.

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...And this game received near perfect scores?

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Um, did it have a release date in the first place?

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Sweet Jesus...are you kidding me?!

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Who cares? I want the game for my PS3.

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