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🥱🥱🥱 cloud streaming is so bleh. But whatever, more GaaS options I won’t touch.

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Well that’s disappointing.

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Good. Mass consolidation shouldn’t be easy to achieve. Make them work for it.

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Good. Now we can hopefully move away from Sony pretending to care about GaaS and never that failing enterprise to Microsoft to cut their tombstone to.

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Sounds like an article written by an X-Bot. StarField is good, but it’s not great. To me, it’s “another” Bethesda game after 31 hours of slowly hoarding things and trying to understand why I bother to keep playing. It’s the formula all Bethesda games use to keep you hooked, except this time (unlike the diverse and beautiful world of Tamriel) the gameplay feels repetitive and barren. It feels like it needed to bake for another year to make sure we couldn’t spot the RNG formula repeating its...

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Been playing this on PC for a while now. Can’t wait to see what they add in the full release. Also cool that PS5 is getting it.

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In the fine print, they’re still not changing course on the per-install tracking malware. Either the dev voluntarily provides the data, or they use “their own metrics” to determine what the developer owes. They’re no better than MS. They showed their always online DRM riddled desires with XBOX One; and have been working tireless (and at extreme expense) to buy a checkmate with consumers. This will be no different. They are going to keep trying until they succeed at “their vision”, regardl...

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And taking a $70bn loss they’ll have to recoup somehow. This is going to backfire wonderfully if they don’t succeed at convincing a lot more people to give in to their GamePass cult.

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if people keep buying Microsoft consoles they should be. They showed their hand all the back when XBOX One launched. They have been slowly subsiding people into an all cloud, DRM ridden, always online GaaS model since then, almost like a cult. Look at how defensive people get about GamePass - but the main thing they defend is the convenience for that low price. If it cost what would actually make them money, the argument would reverse for most users. They’d want their disks back. I hope ...

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Exactly. The fact that Sony launched with a digital only model with the same performance as their disk model but a slimmer profile was a good move for the industry. If MS had done the same at the start the Series S wouldn’t still be hampering developers. Instead they make this disk free version seem like their premium product and it’s really showing their hand - goodbye disk and physical copies, just like they always planned.

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As a “Space Exploration” game, the experience in No Mans Sky is night and day more mature development wise and seamless than StarField. You’ll enjoy it. StarField has a much better story based campaign experience IMO.

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This reminds me of the Unity per-install developer fee debacle. They don’t care if people like it, they’re going to squeeze a bigger cut, because they can. MS is vying for the same thing as they consolidate more giant devs and publishers under their Gamepass roof. Kind of an annoying phase in the game industry, but something tells me this isn’t going away.

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*yawn* I’ll “pass”.

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It’s a better space game IMO. It’s been massively improved year in and year out for almost a decade. StarField is the better narrative driven game by far, just due to the VO work and plot.

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Thank GamePass players dabbling for a few minutes of load screens for an inflated headline. Good play MS!

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The word I have to describe what I feel about the StarField experience so far is “sterile”. It’s a good game but it does feel more empty than a fictional experience should IMO. I hoped they would stop pretending this is a space simulation and make it a Bethesda game with grit, charm and that silly Bethesda flair that made last games really fun to goof off in. As it stands it has the flaws of No Man’s Sky feeling devoid of character due to being too big, without the density of a plot experi...

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💯 it’s a net loss for MS for a while still. These buyouts have to be paid back somewhere, and we’re going to pay that bill somehow, and I’m sure their plan is to squeeze it out in subscriptions over time.

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It’s true. MS can’t keep a studio alive and retain talent if their company depended on it (which it doesn’t). Now the sterile MS branded Bethesda games they churn out will allow companies like Larian to rise up.

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If MS hadn’t locked the game to a plastic box, and everyone could play it there would be some honesty in those meta numbers. As it stands now it’s a good (not incredible) game, not even Bethesda’s best IMO at 27 hours in, and people who can’t play it are hating on it. The dumb part is if MS hadn’t box locked it, the game would have likely sold at least twice as many copies by now thanks to how huge the PS5 user base is in comparison to XBox.

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