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Fighting words

Congratulations T10, you sure have the M$ love...
GT5 is coming March 2010 so I'll judge you're game that is supposedly "Nothing on the market Within Years"

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Can't wait for the game

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You're not gonna stop me from playing any console I like

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Comparing a game that is 2 yrs old wow

No point whatsoever

Compare it to the real contender

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I'm confused as hell, why would you sell something like this on eBay?

No really, why even bother selling it?

I am laughing a bit just by looking at it, but what would cause such a person to do this much damage?


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I see nothing funny about what he had to say, it's just an ideal that we want to see in this world.

It probably will never come true, but it's something we have to change for ourselves

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He calls Forza 3 the pinnacle of driving simulator when nobody has played it yet with the only thing backing him up is his confidence...

I really don't give a damn about his opinion after that

But MS seems to be getting a lot of exclusive DLC content from games, which seems to not be stopping anytime soon.

I still don't like the article, it shows multiplaform games along with it's AAA exclusives MS has for the year. Not good.

The 360 is goo...

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That weapon is badass!!

Oh well, can't wait for the game

So true, nobody wants that in a gun when you're in danger especially after it's been used a few times.

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I really wonder who will lose most if this ever comes to be

Sony or Activision?

Well, considering the options

Activision would lose alot of money, even if they aren't getting as much as they want to, with Sony wide range of consoles, and only supporting the 360 and Wii, those are some big words coming from somebody who don't have much good IP to begin with...

Sony would lose money, but that isn't even the problem to begin with... What would ...

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Tetsuya Nomura should work more on Versus XIII

I haven't heard anything about it since last year...

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I know, it is funny!!

I like how he came back with

"I have come to this conclusion using a little thing called logic, and you can't dispute logic, so don't even bother trying you idiot."

And dude, if you missed it in my title


inFAMOUS is better I played it in my friends house and enjoyed it more than [Prototype] because it is more interesting, but that's a matter of opinion.

Also, who ...

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I finished the game in 2 day and gave up on it the next day

Love the brutality though...

Oh yeah, the last one was really stupid

"The last and most important point is that Final Fantasy XIII is coming to the Xbox 360, even though PS3 fans said it never ever would. This means they were wrong about it, and if they were wrong about FFXIII, who knows what else they could be wrong about? Maybe, for example, they could be wrong about inFAMOUS being better th...

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Not really a sim, but close to it

Still, NFS Shift seems really good. I like the way the car responds to the environment along with the view of the car

That's what a sim should do, make it realistic

Like the bumps in the surface or the G force from the acceleration and turning.

I like how this game is forming, making it intense instead of a safe and smooth surface like GT5/P and FM3

[just sayin...

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Possibly Kairi's dark side? Might not be true but still has to do something with Kairi (if there is any relation)

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Left 4 Dead will be a good game, can't wait for it on the 360

Hopefully it will come out soon for the PS3

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They are struggling with these exclusives and if it keeps on going, yeah Sony can kiss their ass goodbye to MS.

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It hurt that it went multi-platform, but it's better than it being exclusive to the Xbox.

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Nice article, for me everything was true except for 10, 9 and 1.

If 1 should happen, I hope I die from a great video game

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