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You know Spider Man 2 the game didn’t have replay mission, right ? Besides, NG Plus have arrived and I will play it again for sure.

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Wow ! That’s feel like sarcastic.

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But at the same time, Days Gone would get screw by these major games. So delay the game was a best choice.

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Here the things, Microsoft have no confidence in Crackdown 3. Where is destruction environment that we saw since 2015 ? Where is the power cloud ? This isn’t like Last Guardian fiasco where Sony have put a lot of faith in the game. However, Crackdown 3 is not.

@Obscure_Observer That hypocrites is on you and you need to reconsider. Sure, I do believe Crackdown 3 will show it again at Microsoft own event in November, but I don’t like where this is going.

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Now that’s something I was waiting for.

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@Kernel22 You got that right. He made same excuses that fanboys and non fanboys won’t take his opinion seriously. It’s like Obscure_Observer using his “fact” to please himself. One thing for sure, i’m sure Days Gone won’t be broken mess like State Of Decay 2 which was broken mess at launch and it also downgraded.

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@Darkspadedev2 Really ? People have already played the game in preview build and it’s getting better, why ? Because The TGS footages Show Days Gone have been improved and more polished this time. Do I believe Days Gone will get critical acclaim like other PS4 Exclusive ? No, but it will be solid game that for sure. This delay is smart move for Sony to move away from crowded month.

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@Dragonscale Well, FIFA 19 didn’t do so well like previous entries. Sooner or later, EA going to hurt themselves even more.

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It won’t work.

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I saw that on twitter and I was like “WTF ?”. I found that shocking and hilarious.

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And EA will have nothing left to screw us.

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Well, i’m not surprising about this. EA just hit another rock bottom.

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Yup, that’s a smart move.The Tokyo Game Show footages show the Days Gone have been improved and better than previous footages. But it’s seem they want to improve the game even further.

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Well, that would be Destiny, Division and BO4 story. Not HZD.

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Can you explain that ? Because a lot of people enjoy Horizon Zero Dawn story.

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Not just that, MGS 5 put a lot of tapes behind the main story. It’s about 5-6 hours dialogue in it and more interesting than main campaign. I remember people complained about MGS series for a long cutscenes. MGS V reduced it down significantly.

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Does Aloy need to be look pretty like others ? She looks fine by my look. Aloy was great character with great personality and way better than Lara Croft ( the reboot one ) in my opinion. PS community consider Aloy to be PS iconic. Besides, Horizon Zero Dawn is now PS flagship.

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You are wrong. Thank to Fallout New Vegas writer, Horizon Zero Dawn story and it was a big improvement for GG.

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I disagree. @Skull521 You can make great open world with great gameplay and great story. Horizon Zero Dawn did just that.

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Similar to Yakuza series where all characters will speak their native language than English dub. I did aware that Yakuza 1 and Yakuza 2 on PS2 have English dub, but it didn’t fit. So dev just prefer character speak native language. You can change it to English subtitles if you don’t understand their language. I really like it.

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