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Yes but you’d have to really dig inside to do such a thing, I’m sure people will make step by step YouTube videos on how to upgrade parts, tho you’d void the warranty.

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Coming a day after their 2042 reveal, sounds like a hired job by their competition...

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Meh, i'll take Battlefield 6 over this.

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Please please please if you allow up to 128 players let us have 8 man squads (thats 16 squads per team)
Give us a proper clan system...
Provide a proper Anti-Cheat system...
Let us rent servers from providers and stop promoting "official" EA servers in front of player made ones...

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I think about this all the time, yeah FF7 is great, but the story of FF6 I've found to be the best FF story I've played, I love all the characters, the villains, it's such a great game I truly would buy a PS5 just for a FF6 Remake.

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because FFVI is better.

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You are nuts @-Foxtrot, they need to make FFVI for PS5 because the story, the characters, everything about that game is just awesome and imo better than VII, it's the one title that deserves to be a "remake" next.

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BTW Another game to check out is Chikara Action Arcade Game on Steam - https://store.steampowered....

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Pro Wresling X ( Trailer: ) IMO is the game on PC to be more excited about than this game, can't beat the feels those N64 games like Revenge and No Mercy gave people, and PWX aims to be just like those games from Aki,

Keep in mind it's still early access but maybe they'll get some more skilled coders to speed up the game, it's only $9.99 usd which imo is wo...

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They do, it's on Steam called Pro Wrestling X - Trailer here: He's making the game to BE like those Aki games, been in the works for a long time but they have very small team so it's taking time but it's coming along. It's still early access but hell it's cheap, support it and just let time pass by eventually you'll have the game we loved on N64 days.

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You aren’t thinking in the mind of a collector you thinking in the mind of a gamer who wants to play with it.

Someone with wealth would buy this for hundreads of thousands of dollars it’s a great piece of art to have and huge bragging rights, I could see Robin Williams buying this up if he were alive today.

On top of this, it’s probably going to go up in value so some might even buy it as a means to make profit.

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Give us Final Fantasy VI please... this piece of art should be the one to be remade into a full 3D game, it already has the story and characters.

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"The menu system and controls are clearly ported over from the PC with little consideration for controllers"

You know how many times PC gets a console port with very consideration in mind for keyboards? Hardly the thing to complain as an end rant.

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This is why I game on Steam now.

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Final Fantasy 6 please, it's one game that has such an amazing story and characters.

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They need to fix the bugs like getting revived and having to switch weapons because your gun is bugged. Give us community support like clans and server options to lock and kick ppl, this launch while not as buggy as past games lacks basic features a Battlefield game should include.

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I dunno if people are comparing console prices, but for PC these prices are insanely awesome (assuming the quality will be good). From Multiplay 70 slots is $85 for just 1 month, compared to (what is being said here) just $25.

That's a huge price difference, as long as they provide proper admin tools to kick/ban, rename, obvious settings, I have no problem with this change tho i could see many providers being angry.

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They should have allowed me to spawn with my friends so we can explore the universe together, it's not a deal breaker but it would have been nice...

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I have owned every Nintendo console (with Sony as the other), but this new Nintendo console will not be in my collection. It's like they cannot get the success of the Wii out of their mind and they keep trying to create something unique other consoles are not doing but it's clearly not working, I'm sure the console will be cool and slick but It's not something that interests me and I'd rather invest in VR or something that might.

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Look up Pro Wrestling X on Steam, they are trying to remake that type of gameplay, I backed it long ago cause I always enjoyed that style of gameplay.

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