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That was terrible!

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When Ryse = the good old days. Jayzuss Xrist!

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Abstergo and animus suck. Games work best as period pieces. History: the videogame.

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I’d buy a new Sega console if they took back all their Sega exclusives.

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Happy 25th Anniversary!

-pulsing with the exploitation of Earth and its people-

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World’s most powerful paperweight. I’m sorry but it’s true. Switch’s b!tch through and through.

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It’s probably like one of those escape room or saw type of movies.

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Sure now they wanna make money. You were on game pass day one. Hard no.

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Kill NFS already. Bring back Burnout.

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Stick a fork in this gen. They’re done.

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-What are you gonna do about it?—

Remind the old lady how damn lucky she is. She could be going home to that guy lol.

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He’s saying what in the terry crews does death stranding have to do with being a fanboy? If my guy’s not disappointed what? He’s a fanboy? By that dumbass logic anyone who’s ever liked anything is a fanboy.

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Except when they give Days Gone 5/10 amirite muh man?

-I can tell you this game aint better than gears 5-

You can’t even tell the time. It’s lulz o’ clock!

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Wait what? A 54

is not essentially an 84

The time is now lulz ‘o clock!

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Who???? I’m waiting for Angry Videogame Nerd’s review in 2039.

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Who cares what his principal or pastor thinks is responsible. I’m too old for detention and boogeymen.

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You have meta and open critic to do that middle math for you. Survey says 84.

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This new age of journo chases social justice dragons instead of achievements. No surprise they broke the balance pursuing the Pulitzer LOL!

What do you get when you funnel key and mouse bulls through china shop lobbies? You get what you frikkon deserve!

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They’d buy “watching paint dry” if it was 120fps. By buy I mean illegally procure, or wait 2 years to get it when it’s finally ported for a nickel.

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