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Great deal no doubt. However, Amazon match other online retailers so here they are matching Tesco.

They have matched 360 slim also so dont think its pre empting a price drop

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Joke of a post..a game must score 9.5 or you wont buy? Heard it all now lmao

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So they dont count single Move controller sold just the bundle? How does that work? Surely Move bundle or Move controller is a sale as thats the main peripheral used for the games to work?

Dont get how this site decided to do this as its possible the ales could be double.

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£400 for the Move bundle?? It's £284.99 mate check your info before posting unless your using the US currency and if so put the dollar sign instead

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Well given the US retail price you can see why it wasn't bundled but still a bit unfair but it's £24.99 in UK for Sports Champ so not all bad mate

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What makes this site look like a joke is when they have the PS3 numbers on an article on the main page but have not updated them on there graph....go figure

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Okay when last has weekly euro sales been posted?

Coincidence?? Lol

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Sony have said there is minor lag

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There are no cameras allowed ate the Natal conference tho so how are we going to see what they have to offer?

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Get over it there is a genuine shortage. Do you even live in the UK?

Great sales none the less

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Well majority of gamers who own an 360 are hardcore gamers so to speak so alot may nt be interested in Natal as its being geared towards the casual market with a few exceptions so why not charge that amount for just the peripheral?

Microsoft want new consumers to buy a machine so bundle it with the console and make up the losses if there are any by marking up the standalone peripheral.

Doubt that will happen but you never know. MS have gone as far as they can...

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Got a feeling this may be multiplat

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God some of the cons are truly pathetic and laughable.

No name site looking for hits...what else is new. Poor poor read

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Microsoft gave an extended warranty out f the goodness of there hearts i guess?

Anyway you get your precious release date at E3 and people can stop crying about it as its getting old.

Its ready when its ready simple..not saying more cames should take this long but if more companies werent pushed to release games to sell machines then we as gamers wouldnt end up with lame duck sequels that could be DLC

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Doesnt the article state the Move is pre alpha? Enough said

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GT5 says hello. Nobody knows what Sony has so stop speculating

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Guess Gran Turismo doesnt count then?


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So now Sony are getting blasted for doing what everyone whined about for over a year? Make the PS3 affordable?

Shows how dumb fanboys are. I hope the slim model is true but who is to say Sony wont do a reduce hard drive machine with Move bundled? Surely like Natal its about getting the things in homes?

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Sorry mate Sony marketed both games. Maybe not as much as other companies but Heavy Rain advert were played quite alot in the UK. It was the shop seen with Shelby split in 2.

They also marketed Uncharted with its own advert.

Search youtube properly

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Night races are in so i guess the 360's limitations stopped that??

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