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GT5 sold more than ALL Xbox exclusives except Halo.

"The question on why PS3 Exclusive sales are less gets even weirder knowing that the PS3’s attach rate is higher than the Xbox 360’s. That means in short that the PS3 owners buy more games than Xbox 360 owners do. That brings up my main point, Sony’s exclusive games juggernaut is hurting the sales of PS3 exclusives. Let us think about it this way, Sony has 3 major exclusive first person shooters, Killzone, MAG and Resis...

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"Sony has invested a lot in exclusives and have done well tho none are the highest selling in any genre."

God of War 3- highest selling hack-n-slash game
Little Big Planet- highest selling play, create, share game
MLB: The Show- highest selling baseball game
Gran Turismo 5- highest selling racing sim

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Portal 2
Killzone 3
L.A. Noire
Infamous 2

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Neither. They are Naughty Godz!

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YES, even though COD is 1st person and U3 is 3rd person. I've played other betas this year and I can safely say that Uncharted 3 is the best 3rd person multi player shooter.

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Halo 1 was the best and each Halo afterwards just got worse with each release.

Halo: Combat Evolved- 97 metascore
Halo 2- 95 metascore
Halo 3- 94 metascore
Halo: Reach- 91 metascore

Now that Bungie is done with Halo and broke away from MS's clutches we all know that 343 Studios can't do what Bungie did. I know a few Bungie members are with 343 but a few Bungie members don't equal the whole Bungie team. If everyone left th...

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R3 will be the best shooter period, not just PS3.

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XBLA does have a lot of games but the good ones come to the PS3.

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Exactly. Remember "the PS3 gots no games"? Exclusives mattered back then when MS had some but now that MS got no exclusives then they don't matter any more. Hypocrites much?

Also, what happens when people get tired of Halo? Activision had 3 hugely successful and popular franchises in Tony Hawk, Guitar Hero, and COD. They milked them so much that people got tired of two of them and stopped buying them and it's just a matter of time before the same thing ...

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No we won't.

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Yes, Naughty Dog invented cinematic multi player and I expect the rest to try and follow Naughty Dog's lead from now on.

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GOTY confirmed.

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The people will vote with their wallets and once again prove which is better.

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This looks like the best 3rd person shooter multi player this year.

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Just wait til he sees the review scores for Fable: The Journey. Then a year later he'll admit that the game wasn't good like he always does.

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Agreed, single player was decent but the multi player just plain sucked to me.

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History has proven that MS don't support their old systems and because of that MS will never "touch hundreds of millions of people" like Sony and Nintendo have and will.


The only thing people still care about is Halo so what's new?

"Hardly anyone still cares about the original Xbox, where the PS2 is still pretty popular for its age."

TADAAAH!!!! That's because Sony SUPPORTED the PS...

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No kidding.

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