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The media has no particular bias against the PS3. As time goes on, more reviews will come and the score will change.

You have not played the full version so you can't disagree with a review score since you have yet to form an opinion. Killzone 2 is not a 10/10.

Don't worry about scores, just play the damn game.

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I stopped reading after you compared mega flops like Haze and Lair to how loud the Xbox 360 is :S.

The 100 million difference between previous generation consoles would lead me to believe that most of the converts are PS2 owners.

Personally, Sony still has a lot of catching up to do before I can confidently lay down hundreds of dollars for them.

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The thing with Fallout 3 is that the content is exclusive, and we don't know the details of this exclusivity. Assuming it involved Microsoft and a lot of money, maybe they paid to have the 'complete' version of the game? I'm sure there is a lot of talk going on behind closed doors and it isn't just: "How much?".

The DLC content I have problems with is the content you know was already made/being made when the game released. It hasn't happened recently, but I know there's...

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Haha, beat me to it.

But I would have also included a link reporting Sony's billion dollar losses:p

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I agree Killzone won't embarrass the gaming industry (again), I see it as the next Army of Two or Conflict: Denied Ops.

I just hope it doesn't get a free pass like Resistance 2 did.

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Killzone was a flop. When it's sequel looks surprisingly amazing, people began to doubt.

Microsoft used deceptive methods, Sony on the other hand lied outright.

I'm sure Killzone 2 will be a fine game. But there is no chance in hell it will have the gameplay or be as innovative as Halo 3 was. Not to mentioned the monstrous sales and high review scores. Even with the 18 month gap...let's not compare the two.

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It is an excuse for Sony fans. This way, someone else can always be accused when Sony does something wrong, instead of Sony being held accountable for it.

It is classic fanboy logic. When a PS3 game wins GOTY it's because Sony is a genius and Microsoft sucks, but when a Microsoft game wins GOTY it's because MS pays people off...and Sony is still the genius.

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You are someone's second account. This goes against the N4G Rules and Guidelines. You are also impresonating a member, also against the guidelines.

You had me going for a few paragraphs though I'll give you that. But once I realized where that avatar was from, and saw this comment regarding Halo 3:
"undeniably was pretty stale in the innovation department", I knew we were dealing with a true fanboy.

If you leave now you can still retain what lit...

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They clearly belong there, but the question is in what year will they arrive?

I give the PS3 two Master Chiefs out of five in its current state.

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That article was copied word for word from one of my comments a few days ago...

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You really can't get that kind of user-generated content on the other consoles

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It's forever, obviously

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I love Halo... (__________________________) that much

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Is there anything Halo can't do?

Love, Bungie

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It's good to be a gamer when Microsoft's wallet can get you anything you want

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I was (and still am) busy playing Grif ball, I don't know what I was thinking.

Breakfast, I believe this one goes to you.

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I bought 6 Xbox 360 exclusives in the month of July. Your Welcome.

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