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Because of that, a lot of developers will supporting the Vita instead of the 3DS.

Nitendo seem to be making the same mistakes that Sony have aready learnt:

1. Very hard to develop for and
2. Very expensive

Things are not looking good for Nintendo.

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and the sad thing is that the 360 can't even run this in 1080p.

The PS3, obviously, is able to run this in 1080p, easily.

But for this game, graphics doesn't really matter. It's all about the gameplay.

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I am more scared of the RRoD.

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because you can't even navigate by yourself anymore. It's all on-rail!

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Square Enix.

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Such a thing does NOT exist.

Anyway, this whole generation, Namco have been screwing over real Japanese PS3 fans that do actually exist, so it's a good thing Namco finally "awaken" and join the dark side.

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Looks amazing. Love the new UI. Seems like it will make everything load faster, and navigation will be more convenient.

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and these milked games are not going to turn things around, because as it turn out, everybody is waiting for the Vita instead.

True story. :D

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Unfortunately, your wall of reasons was not convincing enough.

Without even posting a wall of reasons, I can already gurantee you that Kinect is doomed to become the next failed peripheral, and that's because of one and only one reason, and you already know what the reason is... and The Reason Is You... by Hoverstank...

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God-Sim Play-Create-Share RPG Maker game.

Something kinda like Dark Cloud, but highly evovled, supported by the power the creationist tools of LBP's.

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he puked all over the places.

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will succeed easily.

Easy to develop = lower cost and lower resources, meaning less time trying to figure out things, more games and more time for polish-ing those games, which means higher quality games for consumers to buy, which means more profits.

Everyone wins. Vita is a platform that got everything covered. It's going to be awesome.

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that the 360 is NOT powerful enough to run a Wii game at 1080P.

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Before, seeing only the 15 minute boat demo, I thought Resistance 3 was going to be boring. I didn't have much hope for it.

However, after seeing the other 7 chapters, turns out Resistance 3 is going to be so freaking awesome.

Insomiacs have done it!!!

And let me just this to all the Xbox trolls and haters:
Ha! In your face!!!

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this version better come to the Playstation Suite compatible tablets too.

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Oh yeah!

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Great JRPG. Too bad Sqaure Enix don't make those anymore.

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Oh yeah!

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going to be so awesome!

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More Kinect craps.
Manly hardcore Xbots am cry.

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