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Yeah pc game sales are soooo horrible Capcom made the jump to PC a few years ago and Konami is making the jump now. The only major Japanese publisher still holding out is Square Enix(with their Japanese titles. Their Euro/US developed titles are already on pc). All they have to do is sign a deal with Nvidia or AMD for vouchers that either one can give away with video cards and that's at least a few hundred thousand copies sold. Sure its at a reduced price but they can release the PC ve...

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Prices drop over time. And a one time fee for something that can be used for years is cheaper then occasionally going out for entertainment to a ball game or dinner. I can't wait to see BEST BUY offering setups of this console for $29.95. lol

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The last real hold outs for pc ports are the Japanese publishers. Capcom jumped aboard a few years ago and Konami seems to be following suit. The last major hold out seems to be Square Enix. It would also be great if the smaller jrpg companies considered it.

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Used games puts money back into the pocket of gamers to spend on more games. If game devs think the elimination of used games would some how force people without a lot of money to spend their rent money or food money on new games they are just delusional. People would just do something else they could afford. As much as some of them may like games I'm sure they like a roof over their head and food on the table more.

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Xbox idiots complaining about the removal of drm just makes me want to slap someone. Your system of choice was gonna get smoked. Xbox one number one at Amazon? Its because Amazon was forcing about 5 different bundles for the ps4 to get one on launch day. Of course the ONLY choice for Xbox One was outselling any one of the 5 choices for ps4. Xbox got themselves back in the game with this reversal and the morons are complaining about it. lol

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A scripted event held by a publicly traded company is what you consider the real world? You should grow up kid.

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Not to mention AMD were the ones who started the price increases upping the price of their top card the 6970 at $380 to $550 for the 7970. A 50% price increase.

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Someone doesn't have to be Gamestop to answer your idiotic, childlike question. Its called overhead in business. Google it and learn. I suggest you keeping going to school and maybe some day you may not be so ignorant that people laugh at you every time you open your mouth.

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He's probably a temp event staffer that's doing a one day job. I doubt he gives a damn whether MS sells consoles or not.

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Remember this is the same company that sent out $800 worth of Halo swag bags to Halo 3 reviewers. This should not come as a shock to anyone if true.

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Since he's not actually selling anything and hence there is no measurable way to judge his performance he doesn't have to work hard.

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They need to make a new Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

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I wouldn't pay more then $20 or $30 for this game. The only real redeeming qualities are the smooth combat and decent graphics. Everything else is just horrid crap. Save your gamer dollars for something else.

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Hopefully this game and Sunset Overdrive(which looks good but isn't going to sell to what's left of the xbox fanbase) won't sink them and they can make a comeback in the future. Maybe on Pc.

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headset was bundled with every 360.

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It really depends on how much MS spent on R&D on the new Kinect. If it was just materials and cheap chinese labor the cost to manufacture can't be more then $25 to $30. But including it in the box means they also have to use bigger boxes. Which means less systems per carton which means higher freight and storage costs.

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With $400 you could upgrade you cpu + mb + video card and ram.

cpu+mobo = $180. Something like a i3
video card = $180. Gtx 660 or 7850.
Ram = $40

These estimates are really on the high side. If you get in on some good sales you probably could rebuild most of a pc with $400. A whole new pc for $500.

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WTF are you talking about? You wanted an answer to why you get $10 and they sell for $40. I gave it to you. Da hell that have to do with Xbox one? Lay off the drugs son. That stuff will F U up.

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Yeah because Gamestop doesn't have to store the crap you trade-in and pay rent or their employees right?

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