World Cup fever!!!!


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Over 90% of the people on this site don't know ish about fighting games. I've seen a lot of ridiculous bashing on MvC3 from people that dont know what they're talkin about. Please watch this video so you can begin to understand the depth this game possesses.

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You guys have to be joking. Surely this doesn't deserve a 6.

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You must be the kid who cried because you didn't get the toy you wanted in your happy meal.

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I got a sneaking suspicion he's just trolling everyone. Surely there's a.way to beat sentinel. Just him being salty. I remember a while ago a lot of people thought that SF4 was complete a** too. Oh and that Adon thing too lol. Justin Wong is def one of the best ever, but he's been wrong before. We gotta give.this game time to flourish and see what people come up with. It's mahvel baby!!
BTW Imma be playing the ish out of this. Anyone wanna get down on psn add me

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One of the main reasons I used to visit this site was to see the shenanigans in the open zone. Please bring it back!

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Don't mess with the mayor of Metro City!!

This game is looking sick, can't wait.

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You guys and your grudge against Ign is ridiculous. This was funny and they took a stab at everyone. This was funny, the girl with the stubs lol. That's funny

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Not much are mentioning how amazing the fire looks. Other developers can learn a lot from ND.

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I wanted to see who actually plays the sport, which no one responded to, to get their take on it. I don't see what's wrong with that, but i doubt I'll get an actual response so yes we'll leave it at that.

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So you've "seen" it, not played it?
But obviously we disagree on gameplay, which is still baffling to me to be honest. I've played football for almost 2 decades and I know what the game should feel like. I'll stick with my feeling as you did with yours.

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No, I want some KH3 on my PS3. Know what i'm sayin

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I put a pretty big explanation to account for it's realism this year on another review page. Anyway I've played both and it is clear to me. The physicality between players is easily clear and much more noticeable in FIFA, while I've been easily able to rush past players in PES when it is clear that there should be some sort of contact between players. The passing is very straight, linear, and almost instant in PES as well, while in FIFA it feels as if theres more weight to the bal...

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It's more like an 8

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I honestly don't see how people think PES is more realistic. The reviewer is right about the realism in Fifa and the arcadeyness is in PES. If someone can tell me how PES is more realistic please tell, me I don't get that at all.
Although they are both great games with their own style, I'm favoring the more realistic approach of FIFA these last couple of years.

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Scoring from anywhere is not that realistic, unless the goalkeeper comes off his line like an idiot or if you score a screamer like Roberto Carlos, which is still rare. Goalkeeping mistakes can stay in real life
(No thanks Robert Green). I have no idea why you'd want goalkeeping mistakes in the game anyway. I can understand minor mistakes like not being closer to the near post, but anything major is just stupid game design. The faces in PES are fantastic though and better.

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Why do all these people say FIFA is arcadey? Clearly they probably haven't even tried it. It's insanely more realistic now. PES passing is very ping pong like. I don't get the same velocity or trajectory like in FIFA. It feels very linear and straight. The ball and player physics have gotten much better in FIFA making it harder to score, but also being able to score some beautiful and realistic goals.

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PES is way too ping pong passing for me. The realism in FIFA is much better and more rewarding. You can feel the physicality much better between players. It's much harder to score and the ball physics have gotten way better.
Topspin freekick with Ronaldo was magnificent.
If you want that arcadey style go with PES, but the realism and required skill is definitely with FIFA 11, so I'm stickin with that.

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Wow, not what I expected. From playing both demos though I think FIFA was the better game anyway and it dominates for another year.

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Alright definitely goin with FIFA 11 for sure

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Ha ha ha, true. FIFA does rule anyway

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