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one of the many

This game is going to be a lot of fun. Period.

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You could stop b*tching about it, and tell your [email protected]$$ parents to upgrade your connection speed.

Yeah.....and this is a "slow" day for me.

EDIT: DRstrange--aw dude, no worries. I was referring my comment to MGO, and how he was b*tching about connection speeds. I dont see how people can live without under 10m anyhow.

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...i suppose.

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come on boobies, youre almost free!

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...will GT5 have "Donks"?

**for some reason i cannot get images to post.....otherwise i would have shown you all a sweet donk i found on craigslist lol.

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Come on Ubisoft...I know youre hiding it somewhere...

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I couldn't get into the first Endwar, but i will admit, the voice recognition system was the best I had ever used. I hope they find a way to make it work with Natal.

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Get rid of a game, but still keep your save file?

I'm curious to know. I have an Elite, so I have plenty of space, but I still delete my save file when I get rid of a game.

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THATS WHAT EPIC NEEDS. They can use the UE3 as a sort of cliffnote(no pun intended lol).

I doubt UE4 will happen this gen.

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Clifford....this is why youre such a douchbag.

I know that this is just in the comic right now, but what do you guys wanna bet that she makes it into the next Gears game? And what do you wanna bet Cliffy pawns it off as his own idea? lol.

But I will admit, its hard to be annoyed at redheads with racks. :)

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you dont need all that space to create a hit.
sure, there have been a couple blockbuster that utilized the space, but if you fail, you might as well fail on a small scale. im sure the devs just want to make sure they "strike it rich" with a franchise before they go balls out and spend a ton of cash utilizing the rest of the space.

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But its not going to. So why does this matter?

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That game kicks ass. I love it.

This article was the biggest waste of time ever. Good thing it was short.

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but it gets the job done

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No. Some of you people just have over-active imaginations.

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Its not that bad. Lighten up peeps.

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Im glad MS acquired this franchise. You can bet your a$$ that it would have been failsville if it had been on mac.

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Yeah, dude. that comment doesn't make much sense.


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are you kidding me?
thats all i ever read on here are pro-sony, anti-ms articles on n4g.
infact the closet thing you can get to a pro-ms article, is when the NPD numbers come out, and you can see how much better ms is doing than sony. BUT the reason those articles are put out, is to rile up the fanboys. lol

to answer the article question in one short

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Like it was supposed to destroy 360 in 2007? And again in 2008? And it looks like history is repeating itself in 2009. I seriously hope you are not serious about 2010. lol.

Besides. Why would the PS3 want to destroy the 360?

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