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@Sonic_Vs_Mario That is completely untrue. I didn't buy No Mans Sky and Deep Down never released.

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My thoughts exactly. This whole mentality of everything is better on Switch is getting old.

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I didn't have a PS3 at the time and got very excited when they announced the remaster edition for PS4. Even if I had a PS3 I would have still been happy with the PS4 version of the game.

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Serious? I completely disagree I think Naughty Dog is number one. My opinion of course.

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I don't see anything great about Naughty Dog saying "possible". They are a great company and I try to play everything they release but your statement doesn't match the article.

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You just sold me by telling me it is like Overwatch. Overwatch is a game I play at least a few times a week and I really enjoy it.

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I noticed a trend with the titles you mentioned. For Nintendo to really make it they need 3rd parties.

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I'm happy they showed those games to be honest. I have been waiting for a long time to see more gameplay for almost all of those titles.

GT sport is the only title i'm not really excited about.

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Crew 2, assassins creed, beyond evil and good 2 and skull and bones got me really excited. They had more than just a solid conference.

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And people for somewhat reason keep missing Gundam Versus out of all these list and I really think it will be better than people expect.

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Completely agree. I mean if a fragment of players are running at 60fps and majority 30fps the 60fps peeps are going to have a significant advantage.

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people below and above it just isn't because of Sony they gimped the game they need to keep parity with Xbox One S.

If Xbox One X version ran at 60fps and XB1 30fps the 60fps players would have a significant advantage.

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Gaf Rumor has it as a remaster even possible remake but I wouldn't expect too much from the trademark.

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Jamestown+ that has been a good game for years. Solid gameplay and a lot of positive press.

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I agree with his statement. I'm not to fond of playing older systems and games unless the games are remastered.

PS3 games and 360 games look garbage.

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Funny because another company required a subscription to play online and hid streaming services behind that subscription.

They didn't change their stance until Sony charged for online play and offered rental games with that subscription.

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PlayStation 4 to me is like a hundred times better than the ps3. I don't think i'll ever play on a PS3 ever again.

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Have been clean from pirating movies/music for at least 3 years and haven't pirated a game since 2008. Own around 1000 steam games and around 130 ps4 games so yeah i'll stick to my holier than thou attitude.
I like things stuffed up my rear anyways.

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Always Online could be an EA mandatory "feature". I can't guarantee that of course I don't work with EA but most of the time publishers set guidelines for their product.

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Pirates are scum. I think the act of pirating is disgusting.

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