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“Unplayable”. How dramatic…. Good for you.

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The weapon durability plays into the entire system mechanics in the game. While I do think some weapons break all too quickly, I can respect the fact that it forces me to keep trying new weapons and utilize the Fuse mechanic. It also makes it genuinely exciting to find a new weapon and KNOW that I will use it, even if its specs are a little lower than my best weapon. It also adde to the resource management aspect of the game which I enjoy as a whole.

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So this article harps on the negative impacts of the screen upgrade, but the writer didn't even review/test the device... nice speculation piece.

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Nintendo is a business. Video games, in most cases, are a consumer good produced to make money. Zelda is a complex title that took tens of millions to produce (perhaps more) over 5 years. The value of the dollar has steadily dropped since every year. At some point, a price increase has to happen to keep up with the normal evolution of money inflation. They can either give you less for your money, find other ways to monetize (i.e. DLC), or bite the bullet and raise prices gradually. It’s happ...

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I'll start... 1.5M Series S... 500k Series X.

Sadly, we'll never know if it's true or not.

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Unfortunately, when demand outstrips supply and a product continues to sell at record pace, there is zero rationale for any company to reduce the price.

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"Over 10 million shots fired in Halo!"
"Over 500,000 tires changed in Forza!"
"Over 3 attempts to engage Japanese studios!"

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It was $100M for Tomb Raider. No high profile game is going to gut its sales by making a one year exclusivity deal for $10M, especially when you're leaving 2/3 of the early revenue on the table by making it exclusive to the platform in a distant second place.

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Too bad we don't get this kind of transparency with XBox consoles anymore.

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At the budget level that came is being developed, striving for anything less than greatness is a disappointment.

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"It’s just not true that if we go off and build great games..."

Interesting use of the word "if" in his sentence. Self-admission that they "don't" build great games? Freudian slip perhaps?

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The consumer as whole gets what they ask for, ultimately. Sadly, that's majority mob rule for you.

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"Worrrrllllld Exclusive.."

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This. Game sales are a constant routine now. There’s practically zero reason for an average gamer to purchase a game on day 1 if they can just wait a month or two for the first sale (Nintendo first party games exempted since they keep a tight hold on those prices.

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It's revenue, which means profit could be zero or even negative. Even at $1B profit per quarter, it would take 15 years to make back the merger cost....

I thought they were making more on subscriptions than that?!

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MS was really, really, really after that sweet COD revenue. Essentially rent-seeking without having to do any work on their own, aside from making the merger happen. Not sure that there is any other franchise that smells that much of money from them to get too interested in after this.

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I initially played Ratchet with Performance RT + VRR, thinking I was getting this amazing visual upgrade. On a whim, I switched to normal Performance mode (no RT), and I actually liked the screen-space reflections better, and the resolution is higher to boot. RT at this stage of its life is so minimalistic that I prefer the more striking (albeit less accurate) visual punch of old-school SS reflections in the game, as they are actually very well done in their own right.

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That’s because the new UIs are designed to sneak ads and paid placements into them. The reason they are so coy about letting you customize anything on the menu is because they are designed to steer you towards their marketing.

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"Especially when you can essentially keep it for free after your first month if you just do daily searches and Rewards quests."

That is in no way "free". Your time and your privacy being harvested is not without cost.

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For fast twitch games like COD and competitive shooters, I can't imagine playing on a cloud streaming device given the inherent lag. Despite the advances in tech, I am not yet a convert to streaming gameplay.

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