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Let me get this, all xbox one games are coming to pc but they are still exclusives, but nioh 2 for example its only coming to PS4 and pc, probably just PS4 at first, but in your opinion it's a multiplatform game? And ori a AAA game? Lol

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80+ millions ps4's

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Minor? Lol, everything on it was changed.

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I'm not saying this isn't good, lots of people are into this stuff.

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You can't possibly make that comparison, those games were remakes that look and play way better than before, this on the other hand.

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If u live in NY you can get the game tomorrow morning at 10 am :)

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If anybody is wondering,this won't be added to the Metacritic scores,guess they are not a big enough publication.

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Switch Can't run a game like this, plain and simple

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Some people actually think AAA current gen games can run on a switch?None of the third party games coming on the holidays it's coming to the switch,you guys don't find that strange.

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The switch CAN'T run a game like this,people can't seem to understand that.

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Thought all microsoft games have dedicated servers?Least that's what have been told by xbox fans.

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After this whole "Launch window exclusive "fiasco all sony needs to do it's say real or "not timed" exclusive after every ps4 only game and it will destroy microsoft,can already see the crowd going wild.

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After this whole "Launch window exclusive" fiasco all sony needs to do tomorrow its say real or not timed console exclusive,after every ps4 exclusive and it will destroy microsoft.

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The method they are using its halfway through the game,you won't be able to do it right away,you start the game in April the method they used is in November.

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More than 50 millions not 30,lol

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It's funny how Microsoft fanboys think this game will run the same on pc and Scorpio,no even the strongest graphics cards out right now can't do 4K 60fps,expect 4K 30fps.

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You need a pc of over 1500-2000 dollars to be able to run a game in 4K and 60 fps,you really think the Xbox Scorpio it's gonna be able to do it?if so you are gonna be disappointed,lol

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The Xbox does not upscale anything,all 4K tvs do it on their own. You can't possibly be comparing the Xbox one s to the ps4 pro, the Xbox one s can't even run games better than the regular ps4 much less the pro.

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