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I really am confident that this was a move by Sony to actually prevent others from securing the rights rather than generating money from it. This is pretty common in the industry. Think of all this new companies founded just for trolling patents recently.

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Def. my Demo Kiosk Collection. https://youtu.be/atrgx_AgHv... I'll never give it away.

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All versions are 17GB with the PS+ edition beeing just having limitations added

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It's actually an old male-name in Germany

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This Nick Guy is a Marketing Character from Saturn, def. NOT a manager, absolutely fictional!!! but anyway. this is from the official Saturn.de Twitter.

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i hoped for shenmue so desperate that i am pretty dissapoint right now, arkham knights cool though

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since they have a german cover on a portuguese website this might not be real. nontheless there will probably be a port in the future. they could easily sell another 3 million copies on next gen consoles.

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that one would fit perfectly into my demo kiosk collection

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Motion Joy can Brick Controllers. It did that with mine. It rewrites something in it and the ps3 wont recognise it anymore

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Can't you just buy i an accessory and simply refund it later? Here in germany you have a right to refund everything for 14 days...anyway, that is some terrible practice to bind your customer

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i saw this live today as a worker of media markt (biggest german retailer) tried to set up a demo console and eventually gave up on it

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I agree. But I think there is a lack of cool realistic designed games. i like it better when the art style is more between the lines than straight in your face. that is whats so special about SotC. all this art designed indie games are too obvious for my taste. i'd rather have some ruines to explore than have a cell shaded character doing some painting to finsh a level.

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i didn't buy GTA V because of that as well, wonder if it comes for PS4 eventually...

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nice, i haven't finish it yet, maybe i start new on my ps4

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just made a donation. even a small amount can help. glad that where i live no one ever has to pay for that by themselves...

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If the Service was available by launch i'd get a reward of 10 Euros for buying my PS4! That's better than nothing i think

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i remember wishing for this game to be as emotional as the trailer and bring something new to the table of zombiegames...

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Shuhei already tweeted that he has disussed the topic with the dev team already:

"Had a very good discussion w the PS4 Dev team today. We're happy & appreciative to learn so many people use and like PS3's media features."

it will come eventually i'm pretty certain

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they say right at the beginning of the video that it's their capture device that makes the picture so lightcolored, they praise the ps4 image as they see it...

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i found the source: the guy who started it also said things about gta5 that turned out to be fake: when i read it back then it sounded way more plausible since gta 5 wasn't out: http://www.dualshocknexus.c...

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