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I have no problem with that. I know that for a fact. I don't attack Kinect unless it is compared to the Move in a negative way. I don't get why people can't say Move is great or Kinect is great without referring to or trying to bring them down.I have no problem with you people having fun with Kinect but don't knock my way of fun in the same breath.

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As long as you forget that Eyetoy existed, yeah it does. I try to keep a open mind when coming to motion controls but you see the 'tech never seen before', 'hands free gaming like no other device' and 'original gaming concept' nonsense that the gaming media keeps going on about is total BS. Kinect is not new, it is only improved. But the same problems and limitations are still there whether you want to see it or not.

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Okay first of all for the last time GT5 was delayed once. I don't know where everyone is getting these imaginary delay times from. Secondly I don't understand why we can't make excuses or defend GT5's length of development or glitches.Other games took forever to make and still came out with problems and it was hardly mentioned at all. Alan Wake was in development forever and still had ugly character features and clumsy animation and controls and it was barely even mentioned. M...

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It's strange how people talk about KZ being cliche and generic but run out to buy every WW2, American army or space marines vs monsters/alien shooter in a heart beat without ever complianing about lack of variety or shallow story. My opinion, Sony's developers try to hard to please people for a only a little or no appreciation at all. They could load KZ3 with tons of multiplayer, a great storyline, a longer campaign and next gen graphics and you know what they will say? 'It's ...

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Of course everyone since it's Sony doing it must be bad in every way possible. PS3: it's going to fail, Bluray: no one wants all that space, 3D:no one will want it. But 3DS: Yay! Nintendo can't be beaten. 3D is a great idea. Can't wait to buy one. Getting a little tired of the 'every idea Sony has is bad' propaganda. It's optional. No one has a gun to your head forcing you to do it.

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Tired of the please give Kinect a chance attitude on this site. No one gives anything on our system a chance. Did anyone give the PS3 a chance? No. Hundreds of fail articles with everyone hoping and wishing for the PS3 to die. Do any of you give the Move a chance? No. All I hear is 'Move is DOA', Wiimote clone, dildo, Move has no games, I hope it fails' And when it comes to Kinect suddenly we have to be understanding,listen to Microsoft's cronies tout their own horn and preten...

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Well in psychology I learned that if you tell yourself something enough you start to believe it. If you want something bad enough you convince yourself it is right no matter what anyone says.Despite Kinect's obvious flaws and limitations and blatant copying of Wii and Eyetoy people still convince themselves that it is somehow new or revolutionary.Despite Microsoft's lies and half truths, they still convince themselves that it doesn't matter because you have already convinced yours...

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So even if it is for parents to buy for their kids like you say absolutecarnage what makes them think that all the people that buy Chevrolet, Sprint and T-Mobile have kids to buy Kinect for? I could be just be a person with no kids at all.At least with Coca Cola and Subway you know that the casual family consumes Subway sandwiches and Coca Cola very often. Coke even comes with so many types of fast food.But if Microsoft wanted to attract casuals from the start why choose franchises that have ...

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Sorry but PS3 isn't going anywhere for those talking about the PS3's fate being sealed.It is really pathetic that this generation of gamers are so eager to see each other's systems fail. When Dreamcast was made obsolete by Sony no one laughed or said it was well deserved. Instead every thought it was such a waste of potential and still talk about the games to this day. No matter what i think of Kinect, I don't personally want it to fail but anyone who is hoping and wishing for...

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Sony is using Coca Cola and Subway to get their Move to the teens and the casuals. But if Microsoft is aiming for kids and casuals why choose Chevrolet, Sprint and T-Mobile? What does that have to do with casuals? Not trying to hate, just wondering.

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It's going to sell very well. Europe and Japan alone will send it to the top and the system bundles will bring the PS3 sales closer to closing the gap.It looks like it is worth the wait.

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We could wait and see how both of them pan out. But no, lets speculate wildly and and make stabs in the dark about two hand helds we have never really seen in action yet instead. That is the fanboy way.Lets just assume that the 3DS is unstoppable before they even reveal the PSP2 and before we even see what the 3DS can do. *shakes head*

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We are assuming that it is someone we know. Could be someone completely new. If Hale truly becomes the enemy it could be someone who took up the torch after Hale and his new friends the Chimera ravaged the earth.

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Exactly. Everyone keeps saying, 'it's just a demo' but if that is theway the main charater is going to be moving, climbing and fighting throughout the whole game, it doesn't look good to me. I think I am old enough to see what a game is like from a demo without listening to developer hype and angry fanboys

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Translation: Oops! shouldn't have said that better think of something.

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Yeah i agree. Demo felt completely off. even walking felt wrong. Nice try and i liked how you tried to mix up the gameplay but best game of 2010 is a little to far to shoot for.

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Very easy to find articles dissing PS3 too even after all these years. Whhhhyyyyy??????!!!!! 360 people are always playing the victim.

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but will be even better dizzleK is Kinect buyers returning it to the store when they realize what a boring piece of crap it is. That will be hilarious. And we PS3 owners will be playing GT5 thank you with more to come in just a few months. 360 fanboys must be losing your minds that you have basically nothing to play between now and the middle of next year. You poor souls. 'Look we have Halo and Fable and ummmm.... Black Ops. No PS3 has that, Vanquished, no....you have that too. Oh yeah we...

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