Sorry did I upset your fanboy way of thinking?


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You know it is rendering 2 worlds which is crazy good 👌

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They have video clips you can see for yourself 🤣

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Going off that then the Xbox series x is allready booted up when the ps5 beeps

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500 what? We talking about the series s! The series’s x I the best you can buy right now aswell spec wise! Fact that!

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Xbox gamepass is just getting better everyday

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Agree but the series x will be higher Rez and more dps better lighting so on

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Have you seen how fast this console loads games up it’s amazingly quick!

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There is always one or two people not happy, can’t please them all, atleast it’s getting 8/10s mostly 👌

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A true power house well done MS, what a beast of a console!

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They are showing you in the clip.

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@ulitmateracer it clearly doesn’t have enough power by the looks of it

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Yeah they want to downplay what’s going on, may aswell stick with the PS4 pro by the sounds of it

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It will be every 3rd party console, one console is a lot more powerful 2 tflops is a huge difference and the cpu is better aswell it’s crazy

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