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Close to 6mill. playing the fia events... is sumtin other cant and never will get to. Limousine,Truck Simulator ...

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A) the cars are available since the game launched ... still for free/earned via in game currency if you so desire
B) at least PD didn't put them behind/inside lootboxes. Am I rite?!
C) I'm an official Anti Sony agenda reseller, selling agendas/notebooks for cheap if yours is full of ..

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Infinite = never ending, like an MMORPG aka a Destiny Clone of course. Boring and repetitive chasing the same magical carrot of yester years.

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Hypocrisy" at it's best. During the launch window of FM 7 or/and Horizon, they didn't include them to get better review scores ... after few months they added them ... just to play the nice guy Microsoft few months after that (prolly 12ish) to remove them again.

Microsoft is like a luxus cruiser with 5,000 people on board and lots of stuff to do ... and like 30 captains that want to steer the damn thing ... all at once. What a mess of a company, since 2009 goin...

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"WE know. YOU mentioned this like 4times already ..."

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Xenoblade is not everyone's favorite, too much anime (bad ones). And let's be honest for a minute, ... you list games that have been regurgitated for decades.

Then you add the Wii u ports coming this year and a smartphone game as well .. ; while you two are technically correct, I have to take sides with prince1234 here ...

Nintendo has only Mario and Zelda/metroid that have a worldwide appeal. Smash, Kirby, donkey ... just the same N64 games with ...

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What has the medium, a video game have anything to do with/what the offspring does or doesn't do?

How about they investigate, which game it was and who's the culprit behind their deaths. How about getting the game log (chat) files and with that punish the criminal?!

Nope ... too much work! Let's ban the game ...

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With a better choreography and a different actor (older) for Sully, ... a la Indiana and Father Connery. Sure! I liked the game p.o.v after jumping out of the window.

Colorgrading is too bright. It felt like a TV budgeted Film, but overall pretty damn close.


Why not give the real voice.dub actors of the game, a chance to play/act in the movie or short film? They can act, they have theater stageplay experience and their voices are f...

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How much more do you think does it take financially to get into space? With a custom made space suit and a cup holder of course.

Oh boi dis gonna be fun.gif

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Call up Mario or Luigi, both know how to fix valves ... especially Luigi, he's currently a Freeman.

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- $200 more expensive (cell/bdrom)
- 1 year later on the market
- way more complicated to code for

.... yet at the end.

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No it's not of course. No more 3rd party games on any Nintendo machine, ever forevermore ... that ship has sailed. Hence why they don't compete with Sony and Microsoft in the hardware scene, no more GameCubes.

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"we are inclined to do anything" ... well how about you update your pathetic YouTube policy? How about ya start making new friends aka 3rd parties ... shhhh waste of time.

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The PS4 selling above expectation ... wut? What is he on about? Everyone thinking the PS4 was going to drop?! How can you state such thing, claim the switch gonna be the best this year DUE Pokemon and smash .... yet for some unknown reason, the writer didn't include both titles in his/her predication list of top selling games of 2018.

#ps4 selling the most still at nearly 100% of the original asking price. 5years later ..

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GOD OF FOKKING WAR, Monster Hunter, Horizon, Mario, Zelda, Days gone, Spiderman, TLOU2, Ghost of Thusima ... say ya got infected by that Early Access (EA) virus.

"EA it's in the game" .. if not it will be added via "add-ons". Good luck to you, but stay away from any Sony Studio, just in case. We don't want you to cause an epidemic/outbreak ... damn you millennials for playing shitty F2P games on da PC. All about that Trojan horse .. how do we ge...

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Yes, it can hit like a meteorite but after watching a few streamers driving around barren planets gathering materials ... seems just another NMS to me or Elite game.

It is so buggy, performance is terrible and I'm not a fan of the design/visuals. Everything is grey or black...and some brown.

Based of what I've seen, this project is far from getting released. I was sarcastically saying 5 years, but ... it might take them easily 5 more to have a gam...

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What a time to be alive, to witness the shitstorm that will ensure once this "project" has been released and people go ape shit crazy because it is not what they have expected or does not deliver what they've been promised; ... be patient, gotta have to wait for another 5 more years before this gets thrown under a bus.

Once the PS5 is out, this game will get ported to next gen to maximize their revenue/scam ... making a certain demographic go even more crazier...

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Bad Predecent?! She was happy to read that Totalbiscuit had died ... and stated her "feelings" to the world. Same the other day ago, ... she can go suck a donkey dick stupid misandrist ..

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GTA 5 is sure a phenomenon, worth of an in depth scrutiny .."how the hell did it sell that well".

Rdr2 will at best hit 20mill., but nowhere near those 100?mill. sales. Not even after 5 years .. RDR1 wasn't that much of a cultural hit/phenomenon like GTA was since the PS2 days.

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Care to elaborate? Which ideology are you referring to?

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