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because if Samsung sells more phones than Apple, Apple generates more profit from phone sales than ALL smart phone companies combined. If Apple is making inroads into media entertainment and the livingroom, wouldn't you as a competitor be worried? it's just a matter of time they might look into gaming as a new revenue stream.

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@MeridianHope: You do know you can not only hook up bluetooth controllers to iPads, you can also AirPlay the game on any flatscreen TV right? Basically the iPad3 is already a superior version of the WiiU in specs/capabilities. It's just a matter now whether Apple wants to support Gamedevelopers and launch a marketing campaign.

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the same could be said about all pc makers even before apple made it big...

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I did the same in HS. I commend him for thinking different.

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exactly... people in such denial/ignorance.

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ahem... in america.

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definitely photoshop involved. No beauty marks? lines on the bottom of the eye cut off that abruptly?

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The answer isn't most people disagree with the ability to Mod. The disagree with you comes at "having" to iron out an issue that shouldn't be an issue in the first place... that and your snotty rant.

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@DSQD-Detox no they are not and I challenge you to take a side by side of BF3 with Uncharted 3. Character animations are stilted compared to uncharted 3. Also character clipping is much more evident in BF3

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Trust me its terrible on the consoles. Tons of character clipping, bitty textures, and physics that don't make sense at times, like bodies flying straight up and down vertically. Oh and the all powerful flashlight that blinds people hundreds of feet away in broad daylight. Yea that's totally graphical prowess. The game feels less polished than its spiritual predecessor Bad Company 2 on the consoles.

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@solar agreed, but that's not the end all. Looking at how Drake traverses terrain and how BF soldiers do. How characters turn, and so forth, I can't help think that PC studios still have a lesson or two to learn from console developer Naughty Dog.

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Battlefield 3 on consoles isn't very impressive at all. I think the fact that Naughty Dog was able to pull close to PC-level graphics on a dated console in both polys, animation, mocap, environments, and dynamic levels hasn't quite been equalled yet from other studios. BF3 had better textures, lighting, and shadow going for it, but I think the bigger picture and the finesse/perfection that UC3 had won critics over.


There are plenty of facebook games available on the iOS. As an iPad user, I don't differentiate between the 2. You wanted numbers? here's a pretty article spelling out your fallacious assumptions and indicating why EA is now jumping head-in into iOS.

Microsoft is frea...

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@Gravelord I think you need to take a look at what's available these days on the iPhone/iPad stores. It's not just Angry Birds anymore like some of you android fanboys think. I imagine some of you guys think Android App Store = iOS App store but the truth is Android's store only holds about 1/10 of what's available on the iOS (i'm not exaggerating, look up the software release statistics). EA released the full versions of Grand Theft Auto III, FIFA 12, Madden 12, The Si...

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Is it me or is she the hottest thing in Skyrim lol.

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What would a female protagonist start as? Crack addict? Pole Dancer? Prostitute? or a pimp mommy?

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The Engrish is so bad..... I can't understand 20% of it... lol

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Is it me or do eastern Rpgs/mmorpgs tend to have more of the eyecatching in game female characters.... Bethesda's charcs went from fugly to fug.

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So.... you (the editor I assume) still HAVEN'T played the game to see if your writer Mr. Chick made solid points after all this brouhaha.....???? is this a real publication or the Onion? Where is your credibility?!

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Reading through some of the commentary, I have to wonder if some of you ever went through High School or even got past your Freshman year in college. Because between the many book reports, reviews on films you watched, or what not, many of you should've learned about the basics of what constitutes an academic review writeup. Perhaps it was the failings of your professors/teachers... No, I blame it solely on you.

A review is not a pure 100% opinionated piece with no stru...

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