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Interesting review. Have the problems been fixed yet?

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It's tough but it is true. Here's hoping Nintendo can turn things around on their next console

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It's just desperation and a price war such as this damages the whole market.

It's a good job sony have sense and haven't risen to it. Sony have backbone

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He is clearly talking architecture. Which is true.

PS4 is still more powerful and the superior console

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Damn. Look at that. Xbone version looks like last gen compared to PS4. Yet another game superior on PS4.

It's funny how people start to claim that the consoles are the same just because 1 or 2 games have aimed for parity

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I like awesomeness. Bring it

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I think I prefer them pushing visual fidelity at a rock solid 30fps if that is the trade off they have to make.

As long as it's 1080p it's cool. 1080p has made quite a big difference this gen. The image looks so smooth and crisp on a 1080p display

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Cool. It's also destroying the competition.

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It just so happens that gamepur's word totally isn't credible. Click bait headlines are their specialty

It's obvious PS4 is the best console on the market and will continue to dominate.

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Isn't Sony bend the one that had all that wicked artwork release? The alien themed work?

If so I hope that is a ps4 exclusive.

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Exactly. There's no way they would cut out the major audience of the PS4 even for just a little time.

Besides when Mass effect 4 finally releases. Xbone will probably just be a distant memory. PS4 will be dominating that much

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Well Said

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Dominance is right. PS4 has been wiping the floor with it's closest competitor and will do for many years to come.

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Glad I skipped this. There's no way I'm paying for this xbone parity induced technical mess of a game.


Another win? Huh?

Xbone has been destroyed by all multiplats not aiming for parity

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Review score seems a bit low. I've pre ordered anyway. Looks good and a lot of the other scores have been good.


Sorry I mean't this score. I've edited my comment

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So the xbox boss says it's disappointing and "we have to do better". Rather than talking about it why doesn't he just do it.

This guy is like a politician. I really don't think he has a clue.

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"Basically, you're thrust into a "Star Wars"-esque environment with your very own spaceship and the rest is up to you."

Sounds like the game Destiny should have been.

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Why do people come on here and spout bs when they don't know what they are talking about.

PS4 is more powerful it's simple. We still don't know exactly how well the PS4 cpu performs. It has been bench marked higher than xbones cpu several times.

The latency of GDDR5 compared to DDR3 is negligible. The only reason they use DDR3 in pc's is simply because it is cheaper and does the job.

GDDR5 would also work just as well in pc...

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Good review. Gamespot is one of the few credible sites out there.

Not long until GTA V remaster is out now.

GTA V Rem and Last of us Rem going head to head for best remaster of the year.

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It's been a great year and next year is to be even better.

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