i'm back hehehe
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I am personally excited for this game. that zombie horde in the demo and towards the end had my jaw dropping. so many, and I was like "this guy better have packed crates of ammo because if not if not, he is screwed!" I'm looking forward to seeing more from this title.

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I have adnmit, im hyped for god of war 4. horizon zero dawn has always been on my top most anticipated games for the playstation 4. and after watching that Extended demo for days gone, like holy shit at that horde! im really excited about that game too. spider-man is one of my favorite superheroes from marvel, so getting what seems to be a more big budgeted and focused game has gotten me really hyped.

overall true some people might of been dissapointed that certain games d...

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I find it hysterical that the xbox fanboys here gotta go out of their way to play make believe and pretend they played uncharted 4. goes to show sad and desperate they are.

OT: uh how is it dissapointment? when uncharted 4 is followup to uncharted 3 not the last of us. dats logic for ya! Lmao.

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Hopefully gamersftw wait and don't jump to conclusions based on name and limted details.

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back when Sony bend was hiring for their Project. they were looking for someone who had experience with driveable vehicules for their game.

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In your dreams buddy

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Apparently something is going on. the artist who the site leaked from deleted the art. also on the site is a very interesting message. "stop leaking stuff you've been advised" something along the lines.

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The one thing I noticed about this version of kratos. he doesn't have the pale or ash covered skin. now mind you that may be a early model and it isn't finished. he also doesn't seem to have the blades of chaos. I'm thinking maybe just maybe, he is reincarnated? remember at the end of god of war 3 when the credits scene was a Phoenix symbol and his blood trail. I'm thinking a different, reborn version of kratos.

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Lol same can be said about you. that's problem you see, you haven't played it either. and ofc a fanboy replies to me so typical.

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Well tbh you xbox owners here are being hypocrites. check all the infamous second son and order 1886 articles. tho i suspect you already know that and just choose to ignore it. just face reality, quantum break is a decent game with flaws just like the games i mentioned before. it's just you xbox fans are damage controlling.

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MS fanboys just need to except the fact that Its a game with average gameplay and good story. it's not all what it's cracked up to be when it was hyped Before the reviews and it seems like xbox fanboys can't to seem except that reality.

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Weren't you Microsoft fanboy's obessesed with sales and NPD last gen?

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you're so ignorant that you know nothing about me or my taste in games. far from being a call of duty fanboy. while i enjoyed World at war, blops 1 & 2 ( have yet to play blops 3) thats it. in fact the only call of duty's i have played other than those was MW2.

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great a ff7 pc port, and street fighter 5 leaked. im sorry but there wasnt no incentive to be hyped as much as they did. thats why its important to keep expectations high, common sense people.

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after reading this blog post i have to say. that this is overreacting, comes off childish and self entitled. "i dont care for call of duty, no one should" wow so because you dont care for call of duty no one should? excuse me who made you the suppose voice of any gamer on the planet? not me, certainly not millions who buy these games.

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let go of something that people unrealistic hyped themselves up for? yeah ok. those people have no one to blame but themselves. its common sense to keep your expectations in check. people don't want or seem to except that.

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this is the very definition of high expectations. this is a fan event, not E3. those expecting a slew of megatons and new IPs are in for a dissapointment. things change, schdules shit, and things dont go as planned. Game announcements from suckerpunch, Sony bend is left reserved for conferences like E3. or gamescom, people let their expectations and go wild and dont set them straight. sure they announced FF 7 remake, the last guardian resurfaced, shenmue 3, and stuff from their 1st party stud...

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i have to say this, i didnt get hyped because I calmed my expectations down. but to see most people here that are dissapointed, they didnt. i wasnt expecting Sony bend due to the fact that they are doing a new ip since syphon filter. hell even a console title for that matter. so understandable why they didnt show up. suckerpunch aswell despite them releasing second son their next game is going to take a while. especially if they want to avoid the complaints that second son was underwhelming a...

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no but I know who is talking out of their arse. the author who wrote this article that's for sure lol.

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Why pressure Sony into releasing games that may not be ready or in a playable state?. I rather they take their time than releasing bug infested or unplayable games just for sake of having a triple AAA title for the fall.

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