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Other reviews, such as GameTrailers, didn't really focus on the aesthetics and the storyline as much even though an RPG demands such focus. IGN's review so far is the most complete and thorough, and while I have never played the game I trust reviews like theirs when they pack a lot of detail behind their opinions. That says to me not only that they played the game but digested it.

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I've always noticed reviewers complain about particular PS3 games not being $600 games, as if the inclusion of the Blue Ray Player wasn't part of the PS3's price. That's like complaining that there aren't enough $2,000 games available for state-of-the-art Alien Towers! Does any reviewer complain about the 360's lack of $400 games (which is STILL a lot of money)? No. And it didn't even have an HD-DVD player in the beginning of its release.

If you ask me, if reviewers want to us...

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From what I've read, this game rocks. Personally, I think it's a tad overrated but overall it seems as if the 360 has another great title to tout.

Great game as I hear, but I want to try it for myself. Those of you already praising this game yet haven't played it should rent it at least to support your claims. The same applies to the critics.

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Ammoejoe, I couldn't have said it better myself. Gamegallery's newspaper is more likely to be a highschool-published one. That would easily explain his fantastic ignorance.

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I have to agree with you, the PC gaming industry doesn't look good in comparison to the better deals you get with consoles. Aside from you pointed out on video card prices, I have a great disatisfaction with PCs in general due Microsoft's monopoly over Windows-based products. Windows Vista is supposed to come with its own brand of anti-virus/anti-spyware software right off the box, which sounds great and all except for the fact that this will squeeze the competetion from third party security ...

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This is an entirely subjective article and the term "graphics" is very ambiguous. You can look at a Rembrant painting and still complain at its lack of detail! And even then, you'd have to justify what you mean by "lack". I like realism a lot, but I have freeware games that have retro graphics that are still cool in my opinion. In short, it's all a matter of taste.

Show me an equation or some sort of definitive proof that a console's graphics are "bette...

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to sucker in more customers. You don't think that may be the case for console retailers? If you think not, go do some actual research, get an annual report for Sony investors, and see if I'm wrong.

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Because someone just made a dire prediction. I remember the same thing being said about the Xbox; more expensive than the PS2, yet in the end still there on the market making money.

Heck, if the Wii can have a market for gamers, certainly the PS3 can as well. Of course, its gaming library will have to be quite large to last or it will become another Dreamcast.

Speaking of which, I still admire the Dreamcast for its design features. In a way it was ahead of its ti...

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The only way any reasonable person can be convinced that Sony is losing business with the PS3 would be through an annual report given to stock holders (Sony has a stockholders-relation tab at their website) or an actual statement about this from a Sony representative. That's it.

So, enough with this unsubstantial articles! 20% slash cut? Even if this was true, it may not necessarily be because of a lack of demand; some stores slash prices to compete with other stores at the ret...

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if the atmosphere was filled with pollutants, smoke, and dust. This isn't Green Acres, pal.

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What truly matters is if the information is verifyiable. If it has legitimate sources, then it's still worth reading no matter what terrible website it's on.

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I never said that opinionated articles are not worth considering.

" This is not to say that an opinionated article isn't worth considering, however. Just don't go shoving it down people's throats"

I was stating that opinionated articles alone shouldn't be the basis for choosing a product. Anyone here a software programmer? They'd probably have more experience in computing and video games than a newspaper editor. The point is that a smart consumer looks ...

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He admits that he was wasting bubbles...

Oops. Dangnabit! So did I. At least mine has no foam attached to it.

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Sure, this is just a tech article, but Maddens is right; ultimately it all comes down to PREFERENCE! It's not right that we criticize others for having a preference in something, no matter how ridiculous it may be, in this case consoles. That's a form of bigotry that largely goes under the radar. As long as that preference doesn't harm others, I'm okay with it.

Maddens also made a great point on whether we should believe these articles in their analysis of a product. Do you let...

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but none one of us here can claim to know the future (without looking like an idiot, that is). So, the only way to find out the PS3's destiny is to, sadly, wait it out a year or two. For one, I remain skeptical about any prediction concerning a NEWLY RELEASED console.

Unless...someone wants to make a bet! (walks around the forum members) Put your money in the hat! Odds are 3:1!

No takers? I wonder why...(rolls his eyes)

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I'm terribly baffled by how much publicity this is getting from people who are not interested in buying the PS3. Consumers may see some good (or bad) in his removal, but in reality this is news that is more valuable to investors.

Do any of you own stock in Sony? How about Microsoft (makes sense to an investor interested in the competition)? If the answer is "no" for both questions, and you're still gawking at this story, then you have my pity. Fanboys, buy some stock,...

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It's Linux, after all, that will be available on the PS3. For Sony, it's safe to say that the console was MEANT to be hacked. That is a good business decision, if you ask me, and I'll tell you why.

For those of you criticizing Sony for making an open-ended product, who are you siding with?! The consumer, or the company? Look at the Legos Corpoation in their NXT robot that they're selling; it uses open-ended software to encourage hacks! Believe it or not, because of it being eas...

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Someone cares too much about how other people spend their time and money. That says something about you...which is disturbing to say the least.

Let me get this straight. Through your sexual slurs and insults, you are suggesting that instead of being addicted to video games we should be addicted to sex? If you're going to take up that argument, you should practice what you preach and see if it's right or not. Misery loves ignorance, after all.

Administrators, lock...

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shove it! I'm sick and tired of so called "impartial" gamers trying to force upon us common folk which games to play, which consoles to buy, and how much money to spend. We all know the ultimate truth here; it's all about preference! That is why Nintendo has lasted so long, despite criticisms, because it appealed to a market of gamers with a different set of preferences! Sheesh!

While I respect many reviewers who analyze the games they play, I, for one, don't think th...

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