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the point is to show how good forza 3 looks. not to get ps3 fanboys in a tizzy because they are somehow threatened. nobody is denying that GT looks amazing. just think forza looks pretty incredible too.

why are some of you so insecure? your mom forget you at the grocery store when you were a baby? how about you just stop taking sides in EVERYTHING related to console gaming and just acknowledge that both companies are capable of putting out some pretty fantastic products?

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i won't argue that the technology is perfect. i'm really not even very excited for it.

but, the part you're talking about is because jimmy falon is a mumbling stumbling retard and a spaz. right off the bat he burned out which is why the car did that. haven't you played burn out? same thing happens when you jam the gas in the game.

also when a person goes off the area of view for the camera and new person steps in, the thing has to reset. so if you jump in and al...

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where does an 9 year old kid get a loaded shot gun?

who brings a gun to an argument with their brother?

why is it that these ppl always accidentally shoot someone else and not themselves? they are always retarded enough to point a loaded gun at someone but never make the mistake of looking in the barrel.

where are the parents in all this?

and that comment about the tea bagging was perfect... despite the tragedy.

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i compare it to the standards of my expectations for the generation we are supposed to be in. everyone runs around praising everything despite this generation's obvious lack of a leap forward or ANY originality. and while i think it's great that gaming gets the recognition it deserves, that seems to have created a double edged sword. where as once gaming was taboo but unique and interesting, it is now mainstream and boring. and sure, there is the occasional fun title; but for the most par...

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i just said i owned it. why would i lie about that?

and how can you deny infamous doesn't have some of the worst, grainy, graphics you've seen in a while? there are jaggies everywhere, there are TONS of glitches, the resolution is terrible, the character models are generic and look terrible too, the motion cap is only okay on the main character and on everyone else they are awful. i don't even know how a person can look at infamous and see's simply a horrid game. ...

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it's funny how this game is accurately being reviewed as less than average but inFamous is regarded as a good (or in some cases...great) game. yet, this game is being criticized for the same things ppl seem to overlook about infamous. "low res," "unimaginative," etc...

so we've had 3 sandbox games release within the last month and none have been terribly good. pretty good reflection of this console generation. since 360 and ps3 launched...we've seen about ...

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They nerfed spirit. that hurt priests and druids. pallies are and have always been the most OP class, and they always will be the most OP class. they are the most played, the most exploited, and the easiest to use. blizzard is too worried about losing money to ever give them a real nerf.

i don't need more mp5...i want more spirit...

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uh...sure Kerry.

just like when you told us you'd be adding new weapons and maps for the first one.

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it's just proof you're a fanboy. infamous looks pretty lousy too.

not that i think this game looks better. but infamous is nothing special.

as for everyone's concern on reviews. haven't you learned your lesson with just about every game released this generation? reviews are garbage. i haven't seen a AAA game get below a 9 and most of them have been crap. not only that, but if a multiplat game or a 360 game gets a good review, all the ps3 fanboys shout that the ...

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when you get 4 ppl together that know how to play and how to watch each other's backs. you can play this game on advanced or expert and it's pure orgasm. i'm not happy about the announcement of a sequel without any first game additions, but lets not take away from this game what it deserves. this is possible the most fun co-op experience ever. not just this generation....ever. after bubble bobble, of course.

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nobody is doubting valve's quality.

what we are saying is that when valve was getting ready to release the first one they promised us a lot more than they provided. i have purchased every valve game since half life and have always been a HUGE supporter of them. just bothers me that after all this time, all we got out of valve was 2 "new" mulitplayer maps that were actually just slightly adjusted co-op maps.

i was expecting at least 2 new full campaigns. ...

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why are 'gamers' so quick to point out a game's flawed, secondary, multiplayer whenever it actually attempts to have one. but then shower praise on games that don't even attempt it? i never understood that.

the multiplayer in crysis is very ambitious. and the lack of PCs that can handle it, combined with the heavy, already established competition made it very difficult for them to compete. but not many games go for the scope they went for. and in a lot of ways, when the lag...

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he has disagrees because he's a ps3 fanboy. and that statement is completely untrue in the sense that he believes ps3 games look better...which they don't.

i have every high profile game on ps3 and none of them are more impressive than the high end games on 360.

and neither look anywhere near as good as PC.

i fully expect to get disagrees but i really don't care anymore. the ppl on this site are completely biased fanboys and have no sense of reality. ...

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they don't want halo to go away. could you imagine how bored these people would be if one of their favorite things to complain about stopped launching sequels?

THEY NEED IT. giving a negative, biased, uninformed opinion about games you dislike is what N4G (forums) is all about.

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if you read my edit, and spent any time on n4g (which i imagine you do) then you would understand the "rant." and while it is nice to get it off my chest, i know that it's in vain. but the ranting that i did is purely a reaction to the community. and as i do enjoy reading ppl's level headed opinions about games, i am forced to wade waist deep through piles of dog sh!t to do it. and all i seem to come across in these pools of crap are the sentiments of a largely unintelligent pop...

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sony fans really need to stop calling out MS's "business practice."

i agree with you that they have horrible ethics and only care about profits. BUT SO DOES SONY!! and as i've said a dozen times on n4g, just type in sony scandals in google and stop being hypocrites.

both companies have terrible ethics. and both have been caught, on numerous occasions, conducting dishonest business.

i don't agree with that statement at all.

how many other companies released 2 full games, 2 expansions, and a completely separate multiplayer game for the same price as one game? and every individual game on there was longer and more fun than most stand alone games this generation.

i'm pissed about L4D2 can see my post above...but that is still a really silly statement. they are one of the best companies in the industry.

then again...the comp...

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that's not true at all.

i refuse to buy sports games for that very reason.
i'm willing to bet a lot of ppl feel that way.

to the ppl talking about call of duty and gears of war etc...

i don't cod anymore either...hasn't really changed or justified a "sequel" since COD2. and gears of war 2 was a giant disappointment that also didn't justify being a full priced game.

and the reason we're so mad at valve is because, just like ...

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that's not hypocrisy.

hypocrisy is when ps3 fanboys criticize natal and wiimote, then praise the sony wiimote rip off.

hypocrisy is when the ps3 fanboys said rumble was last gen and sony doesn't need it, then screamed to high heaven that it was amazing news when sony was reintroducing dual shock.

hypocrisy is when ps3 fanboys said square is a lousy company that has been going down hill and is a sell out, then attempted to throw it in xbox owners faces th...

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