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Looks epic

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Somehow Some way .
somebody on this website will spin this around and make rude comment about phil
Anyway glad that a good pr man recognizes another

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The orginal killzone did not sell one million.

Im not downplaying their quality but the only killzoens that have exceeded one million were

killzone 2
killzone 3
and killzone shadow fall

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Um haven't people already opened up both of these console and studied the fuck out of them?
If the xbox one were really 100 percent weaker i think we would have known a while ago
Now the wii u on the other hand

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Lost Odyssey and Kameo, along with Folklore got way less attention than they should have received

Not to mention the countless indie titles that deserved way more praise

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You can't stop locomotives when their in motion the ps4 will stop when it is good and ready!

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It's hilarious to watch what MAriA does tho.
It's like a mad teenager whose butthurt towards their parent bad mouthing and antagonizing the parent to all ends even though it's not nearly as bad as the teenager is trying to make it

And if you want some real entertainment then you should read her comment history

The way she's able to always find something wrong with even the tiniest detail is very good fun

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Please don't downplay Cloud and his cast of actually intriguing characters just because Lightening and her excuse of a cast have sucked in all iterations

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Being happy that the best handheld on the market is in the top spot that it belongs suddenly makes me a fanboy of Nintendo?

Out of all the people who have any place calling people a fanboy you have no place good sir

Whelp back to my cave as you instructed now that I'm done here

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3ds back on top as should be

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Microsoft deserves about 100% of what their getting from the gamers however Some of it is very uninspired.

More sony fanboys the ones who are uninspired in their Microsoft chiding need to follow MARIHELFUTARA footsteps and be more creative with the MS bashing

I don't have any major problem with it because Microsoft asked for quite alot of it

However all i ask is that you entertain me with some intriguing and creative microsofft hate ...

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That's what you call discussion ? I wonder what you call actual intellectual conversation then.

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When you open your mind to the realm of possibles Microsoft could do very good for the Pc gaming market if they ever did sell the xbox to someone else.

They certainly have enough franchises and money to make a true killing.

I doubt a sell off will be all that soon but whit their heads cleared with the xbox in someone elses hands they could POTENTIALLY be the most renowned pc developers out there

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Wait. if you read this article in it entirety then there's a Piece at the end that says that this article was written simply to balance the rumors about the xbox one being so off Seriously.

I get that the intention is to let people that a sell off is capable for both sides but that motive leaves alot to be desired

And can someone please tell me when all of these random people on the internet suddenly became financial experts who knew the way billion dol...

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Hopefully something good

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Epic shit
RA the sun god shall be pleased !

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Before Sony got greed with a ps3 priced at 600 dollars.the ps2 was the great old king of gaming so don't compare it to the ps4 yet.
The ps4 could easily obtain that crown but we will see

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Yah More doom and gloom!

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Console manufacturing is a lot more complex and expensive than simply doing what most electronic manufacturers do.

They're are Exclusive ips and third party relations
no w their are online interfaces, indie support, constant updates, and incredible competition.
Microsoft is one of the only companies that has the ability to perspire through this sort of thing

I really don' see any other company with the money or time that Microsoft has...

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Yeah majin your a pretty huge fanboy so excuse me if i role my eyes at your negative comment disregarding all the hard work put into halo reach and halo 4

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