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Nah, biggest fail goes to the guy who got the Bravia. ;)

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Should have gone with burning down the stores. What happened to the old and tried methods these days? That or form an angry mob!

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Hmm.. Disagree fairy, they did ask what we felt about the Xbox brand. Presumably they are in the position to drop the Xbox brand and go with a new more family friendly name.

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They were asking about this on the last Xbox Rewards survey. Probably drop Xbox.

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Lack of killer titles, $250 and general mainstream lack of interest for 3D in conjunction with market confusion on it being an incremental update ala DSi.
iDevices have also taken a large chunk out of Nintendo's evergreen too though and right now Nintendo is not at the same position as they were in 2004.

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If by now studio support you mean more than Bluray you would be correct. It sunk in the end but was doing quite well at its early steps.

@Above, does it really matter though? This is generation iPod we're talking about. Most people don't care.

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Oh, the $200-250 was for the US. I have heard that Canada gets bad deals like those repeatedly on hardware. I don't leave in either, just stating what i recall.

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Must have been ripped off. It launched at $200 for the core pack and $250 for the premium package.

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If their claims for theri scaler are true and follow in their new chip then i'm very much interested.

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Sony made a profit when they re-bought the plant actually. Got it for less than what they sold it to toshiba for.

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Their version is either 90 or 65nm. IIRC Either way it doesn't matter much.

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Because he makes money out of it already!
And the point is worth proving if it is easily possible to steal people's accounts from XBL with relative ease. Some people have invested hundreds of $ on their accounts.

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516% boost in DA2 lol
That's only cause it run 10-20Fps on DX11 on Nvidia hardware.
(since ATI helped code DX11 on DA2) Still a nice improvement i guess. Not that this is the sort of game that you care about GFX on though since it doesn't look that good.

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They're US robots. Makes sense they use 360 controllers. I think I've seen another picture with the same robots controlled by US bomb disposal units with a 360 controller.

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Pfft, not hard at all. After all "It only does everything!"

*Except the things it doesn't do and the things it can no longer do

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Because they can't do more on a Dual Layer DVD. Essentially the update reduces the security footprint from ~2Gb to 1Gb while increasing security. That of course leads to a bump in usable space from 6.5Gb to 7.5Gb.

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The 1600p thing has more to do with the smaller amount of memory per GPU not the card itself though. Difference at that res is also quite minuscule between the 2.

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To some people donating to a cause which they believe directly affects them, aka, donating against a corporation which they believe is infringing their consumer rights seems like a more relatable cause than helping strangers in some remote country. Not saying their viewpoint is correct in it's entirety but i think the overall logic is right even though they may be slightly naive.

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1) Valve did not make the port of the Orange Box.
2) When the Orange Box came out trophies didn't exist.
3) Valve has no obligation or even reason to re-port the orange box to PS3 with trophies.
4) Neither to go back and patch it, not their port after all
5) Stop being a whinny trophy whore bitch.

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As much as i'd have liked a PC version that wouldn't be enough to make this fail of a game any good.
Could have avoided a lot of fan backlash though.

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