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Already sold my copy, got 1000/1000 gamerscore in a week. But I will pick it up again for the DLC. RDR is definitely GOTY material.

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They used my avatar in this article, Damnit.

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Hey did you guys notice that the Virtual boy 2 is coming out? It will have 3d dot matrix graphics, all games will be presented in neon orange and will only cost $599 at launch. Who needs Kinect or Move now?

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Ive juggled my 360, PS3, wii and 4 chainsaws. All running with disc in tray, (except chainsaws) and guess what got scratched? My dumbass for using devices improperly. NOTE: This did not really occur, just proving a point.

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"Where the sidewalk ends" by Shel Silverstein outsold all of those combined.

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That was pretty funny.

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I have all three of this generations consoles, and the 360 is the best of the three in my opinion. Recently bought a PS3 because i wanted a blue ray player, convenient that it also plays games. ( Had one before but sold it)

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Dude, don't listen to your fiancee. Dont get a lame-ass cart racer, get RDR, unless your like 12 years old or something. Besides, you're not married yet, there will be plenty of time to make it up to her. Once your married, then the wife gets what the wife wants.

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Just got my last achievement in this game today, 1000/1000 baby! But seriously, everyone who has not played this game or is hesitant on getting it should do whatever it takes to get $65 and go get it NOW. I dont care if you need to sell your grandmother, get the money! This is one of the best games I have ever played and I've been playing video games since 1984.

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How could they forget about Blue dragon, Enchanted arms, Ninja blade, Section 8 and Perfect dark zero. Those are just a few of the games I've played that I regretted buying. I have played almost every 360 game, not bragging, just saying that I have a lot of free time on my hands. ( when my wife lets me have free time anyway, LOL)

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MGS4, sorry thought it was lame. Folklore, that was terrible. And lastly, Little big planet, that game was meant for children and was very poor. Ok now before all the hate comes in... This is just my opinion.

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They do make a rechargable battery pack called the " Play and charge kit " for the 360 controller, it's $20. And as for your disc is not clean error, your disc drive is on it's way out, sorry my friend.

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Another reason why i stopped playing COD MW2. Message to all cheaters... GO F*CK YOURSELVES! You have ruined the game for a multitude of people just so you can win in multiplayer game, congratulations, you suck.

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Swimming is definitely missing. Also being able to do stunt moves on your horse and the train like the stunts in Just Cause 2 would be cool. Still waiting to find a Delorian in the wilderness, I know the game takes place in 1911 not 1855, but it would have been a cool easter egg.

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install the game if you can, it drastically reduces load times. None of the few glithces i have encountered have in any way been game breaking, 97% complete by the way. Journalists need to quit feeding crap to the public, this game is amazing, GOTY for sure.

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The game tells you what areas the plants are located in, this post isnt really needed. But for some folks I guess it could be useful. By the way, BUY THIS GAME, its a lot of fun.

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Found Mo's bounty in armadillo and captured him alive. He was probably my 5th or 6th bounty to show up.

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Cant wait to finish the single player campaign in 2 days, ignore the multiplayer( like the other 2 gears, not my thing) and trade it in for another game. Gears is a good single player franchise but the multiplayer is lame... IMO. Anyway got to wait a year, so i guess ill play Splinter cell today, if UPS would just hurry the F*ck up and deliver it already!!!!

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Geez, move on people, Xbox came out 10 years ago. Who the F*ck still plays that dinosaur? Yeah it sure was nice back then but seriously, go buy a 360 and STFU.

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How about actually playing the game before you say how terrible or how much of a flop it is. The game is really quite good. The graphics are nice, the controls work well and the story is well written. I will have to go out and read the book to see how close they are to it. Jesus, just because a game does not get a 10/10 review score does not mean that it is total crap.

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