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lol Nestle making a console. That would be hilarious.

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Yes but consoles have much better optimisation because of fixed hardware. Especially for a demanding game like this. I have a better system than both of them but Tomb Raider and AC4 performed better on the consoles (PS4 and X1) than my PC.

You can't go comparing the PC equivalent of consoles because it just doesn't work like that.

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I'm a PS4 gamer that actually does care. 30 fps needs to stop being the target frame rate. Don't get me wrong 30 fps is perfectly playable but 60 fps is much much better. It's next gen people jeez.

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Lol $600 pc in 2011 for Tomb Raider at 60 fps ultra? That is pure BS because Tomb Raider is a pretty graphic-intense game. I have a $1000 PC built in 2012 that's pretty powerful and even that struggles to get ultra at 60 fps. I'd rather buy a console than a $600 PC especially since the consoles will also get the better optimisation.

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No offense but why would anyone want this over a gaming PC?

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No matter what you say on this site there will be at least 1 dislike, unless your comment get buried. Why are you surprised by that?

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So according to that statement, you chose your console because articles and fanboys favouring Sony annoyed you? I also cannot stand PS fanboys and articles like this, but I still chose PS because of reasons that would benefit me. Not let fanboyism drive me.

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You can't play Halo and Gears on PC. There were barely any Halo games on PC and those were mostly spin offs.

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Exactly. I don't understand the logic when gamers compare console hardware to PC. The PS3 had only 512 mb of ram yet it ran games like Uncharted 3 amazingly. Yet a PC with 512 mb could barely run any games.

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Not necessarily. I own a good gaming PC and a console but I still find it perfectly alright going back to consoles on multiplat games. Played Tomb Raider maxed on PC and it looks amazing. Tried it on PS3, obviously not as good but even if for whatever reason I was suddenly unable to play the PC version, I'd still be cool with the PS3.

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I never bother reading when the author starts off by saying things like "before you fanboys and fan girls go crazy". This article has dumb written all over it. Ruining the industry? Pure comedy. I didn't find the game that great, but ruining the industry? Hilarious.

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Why is it that PC gamers haven't seen anything like The Witcher 3 or The Division? It's because PC finally isn't dumbed down by consoles. Yet all over the internet you have these elitists (pathetic fanboy drones) going "HERP DERP PC MASTER RACE". Then become completely oblivious when they get hated by console gamers. They're so insecure they even put a bomb dox on a console gamer and got the cops involved.

I used to have nothing against PC gamers bu...

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What annoys me is that whenever something looks near or on par with PC, their fanboys get insane that a $400-$500 machine looks as good as their $1500 rig and continue to call console gamers peasants and all that. PC fanboys don't realise how insecure they are. And yes I do own this game in PC. Just can't stand its fanboys.

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Lol well I have a high end gaming PC, but believe it or not, I use consoles way more. In my opinion, the console experience is far more enjoyable than PC. Not to mention PC has no decent exclusives. Only good indie exclusives.

Also, why is it that PC gamers have never seen games that look like Watch Dogs and The Division? Because of the next gen systems and PC gamers finally not being dumbed down by consoles. If anything, you fanboys should be ha...

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@ambientFlier *Sees 1 dislike* OMG SONY FANBOYS SUCK THEYRE DELUSION WAA WAA" Dammit why are some people just idiots.

You attack and insult a whole fan base based on just 1 dislike that you have no idea is from? Hilarious when people insult fanboys when they're clearly one butthurt fanboy themself.

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Xbox fanboys clearly in denial. Saying things like "The Xbox One version is better" even though the difference is obvious. Pc fanboys wouldn't say it sucks they would just say it will always be the best.

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Obvious troll is obvious. I suspect you made two accounts to post those two comments.

And in case you're not trolling, how can you not see it clearly. Even my die-hard Xbox friends admitted themselves that they were disappointed. Sharper does not equal more clear. The Xbox One is too sharp that it creates jagged and blurred visuals. Watch the video at 1080p in full screen. The difference is extremely noticeable.

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Most of these have already been confirmed by Sony to be in available in a future patch.

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I've heard a lot of mixed opinions about it. People either love it or hate it. In my opinion they should have kept the 360 controller but fix the D-pad and remove the battery pack and replace it with a rechargeable one. Microsoft said they even spent billions of dollars researching into the X1 controller.

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Sorry but most of those games you've mentioned aren't that good to be honest. Team Fortress 2 is a good PC-exclusive but that can run on the most basic PCs. The only one I can think of is Rome Total War.

Console Quality > PC Quantity

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