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Two questions:

1. Anywhere I can watch this online
2. What time will it be on British time?

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I would probably buy it, I have bought every single kh game to date + collectors edition.

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The mechanics of kh 2 were a whlie lot better though I preferred kh1 purely for nostalgia and the fact it was a bit harder.

My order for kh series:
kh ddd
kh 358/2
Kh chain oof memories
kh re:coded

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Kh 2.5 is all I need.

I just completed ni no kuni and before that lightening returns and before all that persona

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Haha looks like my phone thinks butthat is an acceptable word.

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Would be a smart move by Sony.

China is a huge u tapped market, there is a growing middle class that can now afford consoles butthat doesn't mean they can just spend spend spend so they will look at both consoles and go "well ps4 is cheaper therefore we will get ps4"

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dat software domination on ps4!

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I think we better tell the nay sayers that gaming isn't dead?

Strong numbers, I am very interested to see Christmas numbers later on that's for sure.

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I don't want it in Japan I want it in the U.K.


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ff versus 13 was a big reason I bought a ps3 (also last guardian and the hopes of kingdom hearts 3)

Look how well that turned out haha

It's been a long development but as of this moment the hype is still there for me and it looks superb and I can't wait to play the demo :)

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I am only a nintendo handheld fan (stopped buying home consoles after gamecube) but even I must admit they have a strong line up right now.

Though there will be a huge dry spell for them later on. Luckily these games have so much replayability that it doesnt matter.

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It can go two ways with square these days:

1. Its going to be big and announced for ps4 etc and people will go wild

2. It's a new rpg exclusivily for mobile phones and the world groans

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American inmport tax is low, don't blame sony or any company for prices (espically U.K where import taxes are very high)

If you want cheaper games buy them on amazon in the u.s store and import it.

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it's true in some respects but when one person says it over another its usually based on whats in the box rather than saying oh ps4 is more powerful for graphics or xbox is more powerful for texture. I don't think I have heard a person argue whats more powerful like that.

Then again I don't usual get into those kind of "debates" with people.

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While I do like betas I miss my demos. I loved buying playstation mag and getting to play like 5 demos o still have the tomba demo :)

I can't wait to buy type 0 just to play ff 15. There's just something awesome about demos.

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Sony is being humble. There playstation experience is showing that they still care. Just cause xbox are running their mouths every day about how amazing they are going to be doesn't mean sony does,they are saving news for playstation experience.

They are doing all they can with the resources they have, they aren't in a strong position as they were when the original playstation and ps2 were announced.

Of course this is humble opinion

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Not a clue why I laughed at that but I did so bubble for being funny haha.

I was in both camps
n64 : pokemon snap, goldeneye, banjo, conkers, super smash, Mario kart, mystical ninja, mischief makers and Mario 64

Ps1: metal gear, all the ff's, hogs of war, guilty gear, ddragonball fighting game, tomb a, Croc legend of the gobo.

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I am actually very excited for this game, I played 1 to death and made some awesome Kingdom hearts inspired levels if I do say so myself.

I played 2 but never completed it as it just felt like an add on rather than a full blown sequal but 3 with the ps4's share feature is a match made in heaven.

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Japanese composition music for games I find much better than any other country for composing original scores.

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I am thoroughly excited for this game, with such little information :)

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