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Am excited for bloodbourne and although I played it on the psp I buckled and pre ordered the ps4 version of type 0 (mainly for the 15 demo)
Just started kh 2.5 now.
uc4 can easily wait for me.

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personally i chose ps4 over the xbo because the fact that sony have a good track record with bringing out games of a wide variety each year and them supporting a console for longer.

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Type 0 is a fantastic game with more human characters, a great game to play if you have never played it before.

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I played the import of type 0 and its great its coming to the west but I find it weird its coming to ps4.

I was going to pre order to get the demo of 15 but I changed my mind. I can wait untilt the release, I don't want to pay full price for a game I already have and played recently.

I will be looking forward to reading and hearing peoples reactions to the game demo though :)

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I was more of a jerk in destroy all humans, sleeping dogs and just cause but yeah gta v has to be up there and skyrim I got bored and used to rampage.

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I do. Team ico make fantastic games and yes the wait has been long but it's not killing the fact I am not getting it so I can continue to be excited without being impatient

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I find kingdom hearts really easy to understand and I know my ffellow kingdom hearts fans will agree, what makes it complicated is that it spans over diffrent consoles and so you need to heavily invest money wise to play through the whole story.

Gametrailers summarises the story very well. If you read it the stroy would be complicated but having played through the games I get it.

Its like metal gear solid, I haven't played them all so I am thourghly confu...

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10% is a drop in the water to them, plus it was the aquistions that brought them down.

With windows 10 coming out they will recoup it all. Also now xbox one has been out for a year games will start to come in more and more. A strong holiday season certainly helped.

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@Grap well its nice to know you have a friend at least however imaginary he is. The point I am making his the thin veil of saying this is how well our over arching gaming division actually doesn't fly too well with investors at meetings. They prefer individual numbers rather than grouped.

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My friend actually heavily dabbles in shares (mainly component companies that provide parts for items like ipod, consoles and other phones) he has taught me a lot about shares and your max pay in before you pull out of shares and I do a few shares in sporting companies such as adidas. Not a lot of money but enough to know the market. Yes I am a gamer, are gamers not allowed to be interested in stock prices or investor meetings? Curious on your thoughts as to why you think k that?

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I wish MS would stop doing joint numbers because one or another isn't doing too hot. I would rather know indivdual numbers and also I would like know know sold through to consumers but then again thats just me.

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I am usually not okay with people flaunting there money is such extravegant ways espically since it functions just like a normal ps4 but damn it is one lovely ps4 and more imporatnly it is all for charity and Sony says they will match the bid as well. It really is showing that there is good in the world.

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Yeah I heard this ff x3 rumour but I am sure it won't be this. I have a feeling is a mobile game with ff tact on it.

If it's a new game though am hoping for a bravely default esque game on home consoles.

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I hope it's not I paid for the limited edition of both 1.5 and 2.5 and I would not be happy if se mugged me off by giving another game with the collection.

My wish is to have kh 3d bundled with kh 3 as a thanks for waiting gift.

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@neonridr the reason why you would get disagrees with the earth being round is because it's an oblong spheroid.

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If they are going to make a last of us 2 I would rather it not be with joel and ellie as I am glad what they did and how those character developed.

Maybe in the u.k as a setting would be a cool idea with a new protagonist but that's just me spit balling, the matter on a sequel is heavily divided.

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@MinaBossT so kh 1.5 has the first game Kingdom hearts 1 and chain of memories which was the GBA game released after kingdom hearts 1, though you are getting the 3d version that was released in japan on the ps2 but in HD.
Finally you get 358/2 as a movie to watch.

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 has kingdom hearts 2 and birth by sleep as well as re:coded as a movie.

Kingdom hearts 2.5 collectors edition has all the games mentioned above.

I hope t...

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The remakes are excellent, the remixed sound tracks are great. My only gripe is dream drop distance isn't there and I fear squareenix might make it a standalone game. I hope they include it with kh 3

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They get the business from mum's buying their 11 year old 18+ games.

The one in Aberdeen is either filled with kids from posh school kids or mum's, that's all. I don't how we have 2 game stores.

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I am glad there is an article explaining these aren't hacks, they can't really be blocked and I hate how the media generalises it to hacks, pretty sure the bbc said they were hacks. This just builds up pointless noterity when they are basically just flooding servers.

I am not a huge online gamer, I am stuck in my ways of purely single player but I can understand the frustration, epically new gamers wanting to play on Christmas day.

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