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Really? I assume you are trolling because can not be that silly to think that your ps+ sub goes to free games? My friend that is a gift of good will from sony your money goes to server maintenence so you can play online and funding for amazing AAA games that sony make.

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It's a free game stop whining your money for plus doesnt go to free games it goes to maintaining servers and funding games. Be thankful yiu get anything.

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Ironically that's exactly what the playstation is meant for

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Probably game, hmv, tesco and asda maybe.

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Huge wait for this game. My hype has not died yer.

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Why not the chronograph trigger franchise too. Oh and though not square where is skies of aracdia games too. Back to square where is my second vagrant story. Keep ff going as well in love ffs.

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The more so5 news the better.

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It's cause it's in the title...

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It costs a lot of money to.run severs and sony is a buisness so they need to turn over profit to survive and the money they do generate from ps+ goes to developing killer first party games. Therefore the free games are a bonus which they don't even need to provide. So stop acting so privileged about the situation and appreciate you get something.

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Even hironbu said it was his fav. Everything is great, the battle system is flawless and easy while the story recreates the old fantasies while keeping the story fresh. Simply amazing, playing it on the psp right now, over leveled and I haven't even entered treno yet.

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I would chose vr BUT I do want more games coming to it, not to say there is but they aren't my focus of choice. I would love more jrpgs/rpgs though I am super excited for all the racing games + no mans sky

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I always enjoy gt reviews, it's usually well balanced.

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essentially they are doing what they did when they released the walkman albeit a different way. They gave walkmen to their employees and went around showing it off and word spread.

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very very excited. Horror is a genre I am horrible at cause I am so scared haha but I always play them, I think VR might give me a heart attack but I loved until dawn so I am excited to see a complete standalone version in VR.

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I must say now that I am out of uni and am working I feel a lot more buzzed for VR knowing I can afford it. Sony seem to be showing more love for VR than they did with move. Really excited to give it a go.

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I never said open world I said open ended.

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At the end of the day it is what you make of this game. The people defending it on here are going to get it the people bashing it won't. These reviews are people on the fence.

Multiplayer is always praised so if you are looking for longevity yeah get it. Campaign from what I have read is linear and considering the open ended nature of previous halo games it does sound like a bummer coupled with a flat story but I have no say as I am not that a big a halo fan.

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I don't think games have gotten easier rather programming games have gotten more sophisticated. Things like hit detection, saves and smart Ai couldn't be done properly. Ghost and goblins on the Nes was hard but that's cause saving wasn't a thing, the hit dection was cruel and to save memory they just repeated all the levels again.

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ps3/30 era was poor for them they lost their foothold of relevance on what makes a good rpg. Lost odyessy, ni no kuni and persona all excelled the forumla while square took a step back.

They are listening to fans now and providing us with what we want coupled with more information rather than a media blackout on announced games, their edios side has been good so its mainly just their japanese dev side.

FFXV, kh 2.8+3 , ff 7 remake are three games I am excited...

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clever marketing and better quality over competitors combined with big social medium word of mouth on how awesome ps4, with well established library of quality = not surprising for me.

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