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My concern is the alienation it may cause, for people who can't afford to upgrade their machine on a regular basis. I know thats one of the reasons I moved to console was there was no effort in maintaining your machine like a pc rig.

This seems like an extreme version of the expansion pack for the n64, though the expansion pack is a waaaaaay cheaper example than a ps4.5.

It might get to the stage where devs give poor ports to the "inferior" ps4....

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not really a lame move, more a necessary move. I hope evolution thrive without sony and others get to play their games but the industry is tough and right now mobile is making tons of money especially in asia so less lame and more very business savvy.

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if you are interested in mobile games then you as a gamer get more choices of games if you are like me and have no interest in mobile then nothing will have changed.

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Even though both psvr and oculus rift are both vr I don't feel they are after the same market share and can coincide with each other.
For instance if I was a big Pc player I would go for Oculus like my friend is, however I play console more over pc therefore I am going for psvr. To compare sales would e silly but I am expecting a wave of articles when they both release.

If anything Oculus Competition is just vive.

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I rarely buy multilayer focused games. The only one I got was rocket league and that's cause it was free. I haven't even touched gta v online either.

I prefer rich engaging stories like ni no kuni, final fantasy, the last of us etc rather than multilayer. Not that I am agaisnt it it's just I don't get the same satisfaction.

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I am so hyped to play xv, kinda played the demo to its full conclusion including over leveling. I just want a new ff experience. Agito kept me at bay and I am replaying 8 atm.

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Agree. I have ff 15, kh 3, ff 7, ni no 2, persona 5 and uncharted 4 on pre order.

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Awesome thanks for letting me know. I knew it was March sometime :)

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Isn't it tomorrow we find out the realease date? I need to know so I can book time off work to play this game.

I am glad he said hope rather than will thiugh now I am geared up for an emotional ending. When I first played ff7 I didn't know aeirth was going to die, there was no mention of that twist so I hope he doesn't say more things like oh around half way through the game you will get very angry.

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They are talking about jrpgs here and as for better shooters and racers is all a matter of opinion. I prefer gt over forza for instance.

Shame that people who own an xbox in Japan won't get to play ffxv abd kh 3 though :/

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I think kh 2.8 is flying under a few people's radars just cause it's am hd kh 3d but a new aqua story and the official build up to kh 3 I am so pumped.

It's all about persona 5 and ff xv for me as well this year. Second I know the release date is the second I can book a week off work to play it :P

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We have kh 2.8 be excited because after that it's 3

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Agree. There will always be an audience for tight game play, pretty graphics, square and disney characters in one package.

I for one am looking forward to see how the xeonort saga finishes up.

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I you poor xbox fans. I played this game for so long that I thought I was a rocket powered car. It destroys lives, you will be addicted for the foreseeable future!

Enjoy :D

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I loved gt best game site for reviews I thought and their original content was awesome. I will miss their retrospective, timeliness, final bets and final bosman, manditory update and their top tens

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Exactly, it should not be about age there should be no shame in liking a game. I played the demo and loved it and I can't wait to pick it up. I have loved final fantasy since I was 7 when I first played the series. (I am 23 now).

Kingdom hearts is a great example played each game to death and I don't think it matters how old you are even if it is Disney after all to quote the man himself (kinda) Adults are only kids grown up

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And the comment for the stupidest buisness suggestion goes to...

The way it's set up is fine. It went down boo hoo people just need to play offline games or go outside for a day doesn't hurt anyone. I was playing mgsv when it happened so didn't affect me. ")

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Complain complain complain. Yes it doesn't seem like much but it's better than nothing.
You aren't entitled to get what you want so be thankful they are extending an olive branch.

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I don't think that's the word. They are running a buisness. You are not 'entitled to anything' it does not say in your psn plus contract that you will forever have full access. It's a one day extension they don't even need to give that.
Don't confuse arogance for being buisness smart you can't just throw money around.

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Star ocean persons 5 ffxv ni no 2 the year of jrpgs

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