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It's not that easy, it's seen as a casual machine, almost like a entry level console. The hardcore Nintendo people will state they have games like zelda, bayonetta, zombie u and am sure a slew of a other games but the fact is its not enough. Nintendo need to invest in new ips that are hardcore.

Plus the stigma that it's underpowered rrings true, I mean why make a beautiful game for x1 and ps4 to have it down ported.

Nothing wrong with their game...

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To me horror games are about the suspense and being helpless thats why the silent hill p.t was so great, you couldn't do anything but keep going, its why i love five nights with freddy, its all mental, making you scared and jumpy.

The more you add weapons the more it becomes more action, I had many frights in the last of us (hopefully not a spoiler) but turning that generator on in the hotel and hearing the scream of an infected, yeah that ended me.


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Purely for my age when playing it my top ten is:

1. Banjo Kazooie
2. Pokemon Snap
3. Mystical Ninja
4. Conkers bad fur day
5. mario 64
6. Mischeif Maker
7. paper mario
8. Goldeneye
9. mario kart
10. pokemon stadium

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He may not have enjoyed the stress of working at a huge organization, its why I quit my job and am now working for a smaller oil and gas group.

Like I said I wish him best, I am sure someone else will take the reins and do a fine job.

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I hope he enjoys whatever he does next. This won't affect development of 15 as it's in full swing someone just steps up and becomes lead, it's just like any other business.

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1 every page? You ain't getting my clicks!

In terms of new comers depends cause there are lots of types of rpgs sounds silly but sky's of arcadia is a great starting rpg I think.

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I am still playing 10 hd remaster and then I have kh 2.5 remix to do plus I can now pick up lots of older games for cheap.

I am far from done with my ps3 but when 2015 comes around I think I will be slipt between the ps3 and 4

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I am always spewing on about it but a hogs of war would be good, psi graphics with online integration sounds great to me.

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I found get 0 exactly in the chocobo run a lot harder but I guess it's preference.

I put it on mute so every time I saw a flash I would click X and it be distracted by the other thunder sounds, made it a lot easier.

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I want to point out that these shows aren't going but just making a point that by produce great stuff and reducing the staff may have an impact when the videos go out or even their quality.

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microsoft did great, much better than expected.

E3 is a personal view point but in my opinion sony just beat out and no more.

Microsoft was game after game after and I was insanly impressed but when the dust settled all the games weren't wow factored.

Sony was dull and waaaay too long but I ended up saying wow more at things like Grim Fandango, bloodbourne, no mans sky and the ability to transfer your 360 gtav saves to the ps4 version amo...

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Final Bosman
Mandatory Update
Let's all go to the trailers
gt countdown
pach attack.

All great quality stuff coming in weekly plus their reviews I find very fair, this is awful news nad I hope these talented people find a new place.

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Team ico have an incredible track record. Shadow of the collosus is stellar.

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Breaks my heart to know this is classed as retro now :(

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Am calling this that SE will hint towards ff x-3 if not at Tokyo game show for sure.

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I assume this is USA and not the world as per.

I feel it's inevitable that Sony will be caught by ms in the USA it's just a case of when, as for the world it's a no MS will be playing catch up in vain for the rest of this gen.

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Just saying I really think either E3 or Tokyo game show Square enix will release ff x-3

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It's not hard to type Japanese so please use that instead of "Jap" which is considered a racist/offensive term.

OT I can hear a pin drop on this news, they will sell units but turn a profit like a little girl and a lemonade stand, but hey am sure some people do want an x1 over there so at least they don't need to import it.

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Dreamcast that's my bread and butter, bit of power stone and sonic adventures

Ps1 is my number one got me into gaming properly and have found memories of the ff titles on there.

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I bet it was the farmer that lives two houses away from me...him and his cows ¬ ¬

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