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Just bought the naughty dog collection in prep for this. Never played uncharted but i think its time i dip my toes in the series. I am prepared to never leave my house for a while :D

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Meh, I still use my ps2 and 3. Fact is you can pick up a ps2 and tons of games for dirt cheap if you really want a nostalgia trip.
I play my ps4 for the new games.

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I was thinking this too, so the world map is still accessible but to progress the story you will need to swap discs or in this case games.
When I say it like that sounds very money grabbing from square but if there is a good deal amount of content in each disc and it's a little bit cheaper then I can get on board with this.

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I am sure they are aware of the pros and cons of selling a ps4K.

I for one am not a fan of the idea but am sure there are others who disagree. I don't have a 4K t.v so it would be a pointless buy but say down the future there was a trade in scheme by sony where you could trade your ps4 for a 4K (obviously paying the difference) I wouldn't say no but I am sure everyone is aware how messy an idea that would be.

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Not huge fan boy but I love the series but what I hate is people bashing something that was free, it was a technical demo to show of time and weather and a small intro to the battle system.
Can't remember a free demo was critiqued like it was a full game.

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No we don't need it but fans of the series (such as myself) crave this kinda thing and I got huge pleasure out of playing it.

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Bashing a free technical demo?

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Its a free...FREE demo to show the physics and the dynamics of weather and time, its not meant to be anything else but that.

I liked it and experimented with my fighting style in the final boss, even got the secret weapon on top of the building.

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I think I draw the line with mobile games, even as an avid KH fan. Though isn't this coming to the 2.8 collection? I think I will wait.

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I thoroughly enjoyed playing with the physics and got a good 2 hours out of the demo.
It was clearly just to show the dynamic cycles of time and weather as well as the physics but I loved the boss fight at the end, warping up the building and getting shuriken weapon was awesome plus going in a ameger with that weapon is very deadly.

A lot of positives to take from the game.

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I chose deluxe over ultimate, for what you get with ultimate it really wasn't a justification of the money that was to be spent, though saying that i dont think anyone who buys it is stupid, if that was kingdom hearts bundle I would have snapped it up asap.

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first point about dreamscapes is very familiar to the first half of ff8 where Squall would enter a "dream world" though it was just memories from anothers past.

The last point is how are crystals weird? they have been a staple in nearly every single final fantasy.

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I suck at the bottom 3 and don't get much joy from them.

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You and me have the same idea.

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I woke up at 5:15 for work, tried and failed dramatically. put my pre-order for the deluxe and waiting if a new shipment comes for ultimate.

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Good sales for dq and ps4. I expect sale of the later to spike up after news on ffxv.

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Hope there is a special edition where you can get cindy hat.

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Its been a loooooong wait, ff versus was one of the main reasons a bought a ps3. The duscae demo was fantastic and I have high hopes for this game.

I want at the end of the conference for the to announce the noctis kids demo will be available to download right when the show ends XD

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Its not uncovered screenshots, its just the dev team showing of lighting and what not.

I wish I could stay up late and watch this but 3am is just a bit too much for my body to take :P

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That would be pretty cool but then again yakuza series portrays it quite well as did sleeping dogs for china. Heck I wouldn't say no to a bit of rockstar magic within tokyo though.

I quite like the idea of rio in brazil.

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